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Melchiorre Delfico death 100th issue of San Marino

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Short desc: Melchiorre Delfico death 100th

Issuer: San Marino
Date: 4/15/1935
Occasion: Melchiorre Delfico death
Number/Year: 100

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5c lake&blk d=Delfico
7 1/2c d=Delfico
10c d=Delfico
15c d=Delfico
20c d=Delfico
25c d=Delfico
30c d=Delfico monument
50c d=Delfico monument
75c d=Delfico monument
1.25l d=Delfico monument
1.50l d=Delfico monument
1.75l d=Delfico monument

All are wmk=three plumes

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