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1918 semi issue of San Marino

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Short desc: 1918 semi

Issuer: San Marino
Date: 1918

Consists of 9 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2c d=Liberty (1918)
5c d=Liberty (1918)
10c d=Liberty (1918)
20c d=Liberty (1918)
25c d=Liberty (1918)
45c d=Liberty (1918)
1l d=view
2l d=view
3l d=view

All are semipostal perf=14

Used by 10 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=San Marino-type=semipostal-issue=1918 semi-45c
issuer=San Marino-type=semipostal-issue=1918 semi-1l
issuer=San Marino-type=semipostal-issue=1918 semi-2l
issuer=San Marino-type=semipostal-issue=1918 semi-3l
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-20c
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-25c
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-45c
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-1l
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-2l
issuer=San Marino-issue=1918 semi-3l

Issues with this name: Belgium, Hungary, Lourenco Marques, San Marino, Sweden, Thailand, CroatiaSlavonia

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