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1918a issue of Brazil

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Short desc: 1918a

Issuer: Brazil
Dates: 6/11/1918 - 1920

Consists of 7 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10r orgbrn d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right)
20r sl d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right)
1920 25r olgray d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right)
50r grn d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right)
100r rose d=Liberty Head (1918 facing left)
300r redorg d=Liberty Head (1918 facing left)
500r dlvio d=Liberty Head (1918 facing left)

All are perf=12.5,13,13x13.5

Issues with this name: Italian occupation of Austria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Fiume, Hungary, Iran, Austrian occupation of Italy, Lithuania, North West Pacific Islands, Paraguay, Austrian occupation of Romania, Ukraine, United States, Bosnia & Herzegovina/Yugoslavia, CroatiaSlavonia, Slovenia/Yugoslavia

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