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1932 issue of Manchukuo

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Short desc: 1932

Issuer: Manchukuo
Date: 7/26/1932

Consists of 18 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2f graybrn d=pagoda at Liaoyang
1f red d=pagoda at Liaoyang
1 1/2f lil d=pagoda at Liaoyang
2f gray d=pagoda at Liaoyang
3f ltbrn d=pagoda at Liaoyang
4f ol d=pagoda at Liaoyang
5f emer d=pagoda at Liaoyang
6f dlred d=pagoda at Liaoyang
7f grayblk d=pagoda at Liaoyang
8f buff d=pagoda at Liaoyang
10f redorg d=pagoda at Liaoyang
13f dlbrn d=Henry Pu-yi
15f dlred d=Henry Pu-yi
16f turqbl d=Henry Pu-yi
20f graybrn d=Henry Pu-yi
30f yelorg d=Henry Pu-yi
50f olgrn d=Henry Pu-yi
1y vio d=Henry Pu-yi

All are perf=13x13.5

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Andorra (Fr), Angola, Austria, Belgium, Newfoundland, Colombia, Cook Islands, Danzig, Eritrea, Gabon, Jaipur, Inini, Rhodes, Jamaica, Manchukuo, Monaco, Mongolia, New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Romania, St. Pierre & Miquelon, El Salvador, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Spain, Venezuela, Yugoslavia

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