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1893 issue of Angola

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Short desc: 1893

Issuer: Angola
Date: 1893

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5r yel
10r redvio
15r choc
20r lav perf=11.5
25r grn
50r ltbl
75r car perf=11.5
80r ltgrn
100r brn pc=buff
150r car
200r dkbl perf=12.5
300r dkbl pc=sal perf=12.5

All are d=King Carlos (1893)

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Angola, South Australia, Belgium, Cook Islands, Cavalle, Dedeagh, Port Lagos, Vathy, French offices in Zanzibar, German East Africa, Montenegro, Portuguese Guinea, Romania, El Salvador, Samoa, Tonga, Transvaal, Venezuela

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