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1902a issue of Angola

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Short desc: 1902a

Issuer: Angola
Date: 1902

Consists of 9 stamps: (See stamps as list)

65r choc ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-40r perf=12.5
65r org ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-300r perf=12.5
115r grayvio ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-200r perf=12.5
115r grn ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-10r-grn
130r bl ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-50r perf=12.5
130r yelbrn ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-100r perf=12.5
400r blk ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-5r
400r redvio ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-25r perf=12.5
400r rose ovpt=value oc=blk on=1886-20r

All are d=King Luís I (1886)

Issues with this name: Angola, Cook Islands, French offices in China, French offices in the Turkish Empire, Iran, Macao, Madagascar, Mozambique, New Zealand, Niue, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, Somali Coast, Straits Settlements, Timor

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