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Empire issue of Angola

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  • Colnect-566-696-Vasco-da-Gama-1469-1524.jpg
  • Colnect-2312-383-Airplane-over-globe.jpg
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Short desc: Empire

Issuer: Angola
Date: 7/26/1938
Joint issue: Empire

Consists of 27 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c graygrn&blk d=Vasco da Gama on deck
5c orgbrn&blk d=Vasco da Gama on deck
10c dkcar&blk d=Vasco da Gama on deck
15c dkviobrn&blk d=Vasco da Gama on deck
20c sl&blk d=Vasco da Gama on deck
30c rosevio&blk d=Mousinho de Albuquerque
35c brngrn&blk d=Mousinho de Albuquerque
40c brn&blk d=Mousinho de Albuquerque
50c redvio&blk d=Mousinho de Albuquerque
60c grayblk&blk d=dam (1938)
70c brnvio&blk d=dam (1938)
80c org&blk d=dam (1938)
1a red&blk d=dam (1938)
1.75a bl&blk d=Prince Henry the Navigator
2a brncar&blk d=Prince Henry the Navigator
5a olgrn&blk d=Prince Henry the Navigator
10a blvio&blk d=Afonso de Albuquerque in armor
20a redbrn&blk d=Afonso de Albuquerque in armor
airmail 10c scar d=airplane over globe
airmail 20c pur d=airplane over globe
airmail 50c org d=airplane over globe
airmail 1a ultra d=airplane over globe
airmail 2a lilbrn d=airplane over globe
airmail 3a dkgrn d=airplane over globe
airmail 5a redbrn d=airplane over globe
airmail 9a rosecar d=airplane over globe
airmail 10a mag d=airplane over globe

All are perf=13.5x13

Issues with this name: Angola, Cape Verde, Italy (1929), Italian Social Republic (1944), Macao, Mozambique, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Timor

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