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1919 issue of Ethiopia

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Short desc: 1919

Issuer: Ethiopia
Date: 6/16/1919

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/8g vio&brn d=Sommerings gazelle
1/4g blgrn&ol d=giraffes (1919)
1/2g red&olgrn d=leopard (1919)
1g redvio&graygrn d=Prince Tafari
2g dkbl&orgbrn d=Prince Tafari
4g d=Prince Tafari
8g dt=olgrn&dkgray d=rhinoceros (1919)
12g brnvio&olgray d=ostriches
1t red&gray d=elephant (1919)
2t d=buffalo (1919)
3t d=lions (1919)
5t d=Empress Waizeri Zauditu
10t d=Empress Waizeri Zauditu

All are perf=11.5

Issues with this name: Angola, Austria, Italian occupation of Austria, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cape Juby, Cook Islands, Ethiopia, occupation of Chita, Finland, Canton, Hoi Hao, Kwangchowan, Mongtseu, Pakhoi, Tchongking, Yunnan Fou, Belgian occupation of Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, IndoChina, Jamaica, Kedah (0), Papua New Guinea, Rio de Oro, Romanian offices in the Turkish Empire, Army of the Northwest, United States, Uruguay, US offices in China, Bosnia & Herzegovina/Yugoslavia, CroatiaSlavonia

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