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Peace&Commerce UPU issue of France

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Short desc: Peace&Commerce UPU

Issuer: France
Dates: 1877 - 4/16/1900

Consists of 27 stamps: (See stamps as list)

6/16/1877 1c blk pc=lil var=N under U
6/16/1877 1c blk pc=graybl var=N under U
1880 1c blk pc=prusbl var=N under U
5/2/1877 2c brn pc=straw var=N under U
6/1/1878 3c yel pc=grn var=N under U
6/10/1880 3c gray pc=gray var=N under U
4c cl pc=lav var=N under U
1898 5c yelgrn pc=grn var=N under B
1898 5c yelgrn pc=grn var=N under U
10c blk pc=lav var=N under U
1898 10c blk pc=lav var=N under B
1878 15c bl var=N under U paper=plain
1892 15c bl pc=grn var=N under U paper=quadrille
1879 20c red pc=yelgrn var=N under U
1884 20c red pc=grn var=N under U
1878 25c blk pc=red var=N under U
1879 25c yel pc=grn var=N under U
1886 25c blk pc=sal var=N under U
1878 35c blk pc=grn var=N under U
1880 40c red pc=straw var=N under U
50c car pc=rose var=N under U
1890 50c rose pc=palerose var=N under U
1898 50c car pc=rose var=N under B
1890 75c dpvio pc=org var=N under U
4/16/1900 2fr brn var=N under B
5fr redlil var=N under U
5fr vio var=N under U

All are d=Peace & Commerce perf=14x13.5

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