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1900 issue of Germany

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Short desc: 1900

Issuer: Germany
Date: 1/1/1900

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2pf gray d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
3pf brn d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
5pf grn d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
10pf car d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
20pf ultra d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
25pf org&blk pc=yel d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
30pf org&blk pc=sal d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
40pf lake&blk d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
50pf pur&blk pc=sal d=Germania (Reichspost) perf=14x14.25
80pf lake&blk pc=rose d=Germania (Reichspost)
1m carrose d=Imperial Post Office (Reichspost)
2m graybl d=union of North and South (Reichspost)
3m blkvio d=unveiling (Reichspost)
5m sl&car d=Wilhelm II speaking (Reichspost) var=thick 5
5m sl&car d=Wilhelm II speaking (Reichspost) var=thin 5

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