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yacht issue of German New Guinea

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Short desc: yacht

Issuer: German New Guinea
Date: 1/1901

Consists of 13 stamps: (See stamps as list)

3pf brn d=yacht
5pf grn d=yacht
10pf car d=yacht
20pf ultra d=yacht
25pf org&blk pc=yel d=yacht
30pf org&blk pc=sal d=yacht
40pf lake&blk d=yacht
50pf pur&blk pc=sal d=yacht
80pf lake&blk pc=rose d=yacht
1m car d=yacht (high value)
2m bl d=yacht (high value)
3m blkvio d=yacht (high value)
5m sl&car d=yacht (high value)

Issues with this name: Cameroun (1900), Caroline Islands, German East Africa, German New Guinea, German Southwest Africa (1900), Kiauchau (1900), Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Samoa (1900), Togo (1900)

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