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1976 issue of Argentina

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Short desc: 1976

Issuer: Argentina
Dates: 4/1/1976 - 1/10/1977

Consists of 11 stamps: (See stamps as list)

7/19/1976 3p dkgray d=General Manuel Belgrano
12p grnol d=General Jose de San Martin
12p brnred d=General Jose de San Martin
8/2/1976 15p brnred d=General Jose de San Martin
7/19/1976 40p dkgrn d=General Manuel Belgrano
8/10/1976 70p prusbl d=Admiral Guillermo Brown
1/10/1977 300p
1/10/1977 300p
1/10/1977 500p
1/10/1977 500p
1/10/1977 1000p d=San Francisco Church, Salta

Issues with this name: Antigua, Argentina, Ascension, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Cyprus, Ethiopia, French Southern & Antarctic Territories, Jersey, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lesotho, Montserrat, Netherlands (1986), Niue, Portugal, Russia, St. Helena, Saudi Arabia (1990), Solomon Islands, Spain, Surinam, United Nations, Uruguay, Venezuela

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