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1931 issue of Iceland

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Short desc: 1931

Issuer: Iceland
Dates: 1931 - 1934

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1a yelgrn&ver
3a yelbrn
4a gray&red
6a gray
4/7/1933 7a grn
10a dkbrn
1932 25a brn&grn
1934 30a red&grn
1932 40a mar
1k bl&brn
2k graybrn&dkblgrn
10k yelgrn&blk

All are d=King Christian X (1920 redrawn) var=redrawn wmk=crosses

Issues with this name: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Eritrea, Ethiopia, French Sudan, Gibraltar, Iceland, Hyderabad, IndoChina, Iraq, Latakia, Latvia, Mexico, New Guinea, North Borneo, RuandaUrundi, Russia, Southern Rhodesia, South West Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, United States

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