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Franz Josef 80th issue of Austria

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  • Colnect-135-434-Emperor-Joseph-II-1780-90-by-Adam-Jakob.jpg
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Short desc: Franz Josef 80th

Issuer: Austria
Date: 8/18/1910
Occasion: Franz Josef birth
Number/Year: 80

Consists of 17 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1h gray d=Karl VI
2h vio d=Maria Theresa (1910)
3h mag d=Joseph II
5h yelgrn d=Franz Josef (1910)
6h buff d=Emperor Leopold II
10h dprose d=Emperor Franz Joseph 1830-1916
12h scar d=Emperor Franz I (1910)
20h redbrn d=Ferdinand I (1910)
25h bl d=Emperor Franz Joseph 1830-1916
30h grayol d=Emperor Franz Joseph in 1848
35h prusbl d=Emperor Franz Joseph in 1878
50h dkolgrn d=Emperor Franz Joseph in marshal uniform
60h car d=Emperor Franz Joseph on horse
1kr dkvio d=Emperor Franz Joseph in coronation vestment
2kr red&ol d=Schönbrunn Palace from front (1910)
5kr olbrn&blkvio d=Vienna Hofburg
10kr d=Emperor Franz Joseph reign 1848-1916

All are perf=9-12.5

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