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1948 issue of Austria

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Short desc: 1948

Issuer: Austria
Dates: 6/1/1948 - 11/15/1952

Consists of 38 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1950 3g dkgraybl d=woman of Tirol Inn Valley
1949 5g dkgrn d=woman of Salzburg Pinzgau
10g bl d=woman of Salzkammergut with zither
15g brn d=woman of Burgenland Lutzmannsburg
20g yelgrn d=woman of Vorarlberg Montafon
1949 25g brn d=woman of Vienna 1850
30g carrose d=woman of Salzburg Pongau
1950 30g dkvio d=woman of Salzburg Pongau
40g vio d=woman of Vienna 1840
1949 40g grn d=woman of Vienna 1840
45g ultra d=Carinthia Lesachtal-Provincial Costumes 194858
1949 50g orgbrn d=woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald
1949 50g orgbrn d=woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald
60g red d=woman of Kärnten Lavanttal
1949 70g emer d=woman of Niederosterreich Wachau
75g dkbl d=woman of Salzkammergut with hat
1949 80g car d=woman of Ennstal
1949 90g dkpur d=Styria Mittelsteier
1s ultra d=woman of Tyrol Pustertal
9/24/1949 1s rosered d=woman of Tyrol Pustertal perf=14
9/24/1951 1s dkgrn d=woman of Tyrol Pustertal
1949 1.20s vio d=woman of Niederosterreich Wienerwald
1.40s brn d=woman of Upper Austria Inn quarter
1951 1.45s car d=woman of Wilten
1951 1.50s bl d=woman of Vienna, 1853
1949 1.60s brnorg d=woman of Vienna, 1830
1950 1.70s dkultra d=woman of East Tirol
2s dkgrnbl d=woman of Upper Austria
1952 2.20s graybl d=woman of Ischl 1820
1951 2.40s bl d=woman of Kitzbuhel
1952 2.50s orgbrn d=woman of Obersteiermark 1850
1951 2.70s brn d=woman of Kleines Walsertal
1949 3s brnred d=woman of Burgenland
1951 3.50s dkgrn d=woman of Lower Austria 1850
1951 4.50s pur d=woman of Gailtal
9/6/1948 5s redvio d=woman of Zillertal
11/15/1952 7s brnzgrn d=woman of Steiermark, Sulmtal
3/13/1950 10s gray d=woman of Vienna 1850 with big hat

All are dt=costumes (1948)

Issues with this name: Andorra (Fr), Andorra (Sp), Australia, Austria, Canada, Cape Juby, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, French India, French Morocco, French Oceania, Baden district, Rhine Palatinate, Württemberg district, British forces in Eritrea, British forces in Somalia, British forces in Tripolitania, Ifni, Cochin, Iraq, Trieste, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macao, Monaco, Montserrat, Mozambique, Netherlands Indies, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Bahawalpur, Poland, Portugal, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, Romania, Russia, Ryukyu Islands, Saar, Singapore, Spanish Morocco, Tangier, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Timor, Tokelau, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay

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