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1860 issue of Jamaica

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Short desc: 1860

Issuer: Jamaica
Dates: 11/23/1860 - 1863

Consists of 6 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1p bl d=Queen Victoria (Jamaica 1d)
2p rose d=Queen Victoria (Jamaica 2d)
1863 3p grn d=Queen Victoria (Jamaica 3d)
4p brnorg d=Queen Victoria (Jamaica 4d)
6p lilac d=Queen Victoria (Jamaica 6d)
1sh brn d=Queen Victoria (Jamaica 1sh)

All are wmk=pineapple perf=14

Issues with this name: New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, British Guiana, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Colombia, Baden, Two Sicilies, Jamaica, Mauritius, Spain, Uruguay

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