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1915b military issue of Austria

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Short desc: 1915b military

Issuer: Austria
Dates: 1915 - 1917
Sort position: 2

Consists of 27 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1h ol d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
2h bl d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
3h brncar d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
5h grn d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
6h blk d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
10h car d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
1917 10h graybl d=Franz Josef (1915 a)
12h olgrn d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
1917 15h carrose d=Franz Josef (1915 a)
20h brn d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
1917 20h olgrn d=Franz Josef (1915 a)
25h ultra d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
30h red d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
35h dkgrn d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
40h vio d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
45h sep d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
50h grnblk d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
60h redlil d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
72h bl d=Franz Josef (1915 a) perf=12.5
1917 80h redbrn d=Franz Josef (1915 a)
1917 90h d=Franz Josef (1915 a)
1kr redlil d=Franz Josef (1915 b) perf=12.5
2kr blk d=Franz Josef (1915 b) perf=12.5
3kr car d=Franz Josef (1915 b) perf=12.5
1917 4kr pur d=Franz Josef (1915 b)
5kr blkvio d=Franz Josef (1915 b) perf=12.5
10kr dkultra d=Franz Josef (1915 b) perf=12.5

All are military

Used by 22 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-10h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-15h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-2h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-20h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-10kr
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-5kr
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-4kr
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-3kr
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-2kr
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-90h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-80h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-72h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-50h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-45h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-30h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-35h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-25h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-12h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-6h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-3h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-5h
issuer=Austria-issue=1915b military-1h

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