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1942 issue of Liechtenstein

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Short desc: 1942

Issuer: Liechtenstein
Date: 10/5/1942

Consists of 4 stamps: (See stamps as list)

20rp car d=Johann Karl
30rp bl d=Prince Franz Josef I
1fr brnvio d=Prince Alois I
1.50fr graybrn d=Prince Johann I

All are perf=12.5

Issues with this name: Kathiri State of Seiyun, Quaiti State in Hadhramaut, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Japanese occupation of Brunei, Bulgaria, Japanese occupation of Burma, Chile, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, French Oceania, British forces in Africa, Greece, Chamba, Iran, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Macao, Japanese occupation of North Borneo, Panama, Paraguay, German occupation of Poland, Japanese occupation of Sarawak, German occupation of Serbia, Somaliland Protectorate, South Africa, South West Africa, Tonga

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