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1898 issue of Lourenco Marques

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Short desc: 1898

Issuer: Lourenco Marques
Dates: 1898 - 1903

Consists of 23 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2 1/2r gray
5r org
10r ltgrn
15r brn
1903 15r graygrn
20r grayvio
25r seagrn
1903 25r car
50r bl
1903 50r brn
1903 65r bl
75r rose
1903 75r lil
80r vio
100r dkbl pc=bl
1903 115r orgbrn
1903 130r brn
150r brn
200r redvio
300r dkbl
1903 400r dlbl
1901 500r blk&red
1901 700r vio

All are d=King Carlos (1898)

Used by 19 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-2 1/2r-gray
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-5r-org
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-10r-ltgrn
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-15r-graygrn
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-20r-grayvio
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-25r-car
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-50r-brn
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-75r-lil
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-100r-dkbl-pc=bl
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-115r-orgbrn
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-130r-brn
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-200r
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-400r
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-500r-blk&red
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-700r
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-100r
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-115r
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-130r
issuer=Lourenco Marques-issue=1898-500r

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Angola, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Cook Islands, Cuba, German Southwest Africa, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, British offices in Morocco, Spanish currency, Honduras, Cochin, Iran, Lourenco Marques, Macao, Pahang, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portuguese Congo, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, Rhodesia (British South Africa Company), St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Thailand, Timor, Uganda, Zambezia

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