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1908 issue of Martinique

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Short desc: 1908

Issuer: Martinique
Dates: 1908 - 1930

Consists of 39 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c redbrn&brn d=Martinique woman
2c olgrn&brn d=Martinique woman
4c viobrn&brn d=Martinique woman
5c grn&brn d=Martinique woman
1922 5c org&brn d=Martinique woman
10c car&brn d=Martinique woman
1922 10c blgrn&grn d=Martinique woman
1925 10c brnvio&rose d=Martinique woman
1917 15c brnvio&rose d=Martinique woman
1925 15c blgrn&graygrn d=Martinique woman
1927 15c bl&redorg d=Martinique woman
20c lil&dlbrn d=Martinique woman
25c bl&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1922 25c org&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
30c brnorg&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1922 30c red&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1924 30c rose&ver d=view of Fort-de-France
1925 30c olbrn&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1927 30c slbl&blgrn d=view of Fort-de-France
35c ltpur&choc d=view of Fort-de-France
40c graygrn&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
45c dkbrn&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
50c rose&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1922 50c bl&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1925 50c redorg&grn d=view of Fort-de-France
60c bl&dprose d=view of Fort-de-France
1927 65c vio&olbrn d=view of Fort-de-France
75c sl&brn d=view of Fort-de-France
1925 75c ind&dkbl d=view of Fort-de-France
1927 75c brn<bl d=view of Fort-de-France
90c brnred&red d=view of Fort-de-France
1fr dlbl&brn d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
1925 1fr dkbl d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
1927 1fr ver&olgrn d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
1928 1.10fr vio&dkbrn d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
1930 1.50fr ind&ultra d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
2fr gray&brn d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
1930 3fr redvio d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field
5fr orgred&brn d=girl carrying pineapple in cane field

Issues with this name: Antigua, Argentina, Austrian offices in the Turkish Empire, Belgian Congo, Dominica, Elobey, Annobon & Corisco, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Canton, Hoi Hao, Kwangchowan, Mongtseu, Pakhoi, Tchongking, Yunnan Fou, Hungary, Martinique, Montserrat, Natal, New Hebrides (Fr), Nyasaland Protectorate, Romania, St. Helena, El Salvador, Solomon Islands, Spanish Guinea, United States, Zanzibar

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