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1943 issue of Japanese occupation of Sumatra

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Short desc: 1943

Issuer: Japanese occupation of Sumatra
Date: 5/1/1943

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c olgrn
3 1/2c rosered
4c ultra
5c orgred
10c dlbl
40c brn
50c olbrn
1r blvio

Issues with this name: Japanese occupation of Burma, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, French West Africa, British forces in Somalia, Ifni, Cochin, Jordan, Madagascar, Japanese occupation of Negri Sembilan, Japanese occupation of Selangor, Japanese occupation of Malaya, Monaco, Japanese occupation of the Netherlands Indies, Japanese occupation of Sumatra, Netherlands Indies Naval Control Area, Japanese occupation of the Philippines, Polish government in exile, Portugal, Romania, Spanish Morocco, Spanish Sahara, Togo

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