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1919a issue of Poland

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Short desc: 1919a

Issuer: Poland
Date: 1/27/1919

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

3f bisbrn d=eagle in oval
5f grn d=eagle in oval
10f redvio d=eagle in oval
15f dprose d=eagle in oval
20f dpbl d=eagle & fasces
25f olgrn d=eagle & fasces
50f blgrn d=eagle & fasces
1m vio d=agriculture
1.50m dpgrn d=agriculture
2m dkbrn d=agriculture
2.50m orgbrn
5m redvio d=Polish cavalryman

All are imperf

Issues with this name: Albania, Armenia, Batum, Cilicia, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Fiume, Bavaria, Haiti, French occupation of Hungary, Szeged, Iran, Latvia, German occupation of Latvia, Russian occupation of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Siberia, Straits Settlements, Syria, Allied occupation of Thrace, Ukraine

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