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independence 20th issue of Poland

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Short desc: independence 20th

Issuer: Poland
Dates: 11/11/1938 - 3/2/1939
Occasion: independence (Poland)
Number/Year: 20

Consists of 14 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5g redorg d=Boleslaus I & Otto III
10g grn d=King Casimir III
15g orgbrn d=Wladislaus II & Jadwiga var=crossed swords
3/2/1939 15g redbrn d=Wladislaus II & Jadwiga var=arms
20g pckbl d=King Casmir IV
25g dlvio d=Recognition of the Lublin Union created by Sigmund August
30g rosered d=King Stephen Batory
45g blk d=Stanislas Zolkiewski & Jan Chodkiewicz
50g brtredvio d=King Jan Sobieski entered Vienna
55g ultra d=Union of nobles commoners & peasants
75g dlgrn d=DabrowskiKosciuszkoPoniatowski
1z org d=Polish soldiers
2z carrose d=Romuald Traugutt
3z grayblk d=Marshal Pilsudski

All are perf=9-14.5

Used by 11 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-5g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-10g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-15g-redbrn
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-25g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-30g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-50g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-55g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-75g
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-1z
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-2z
issuer=Poland-issue=independence 20th-3z

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