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1890 issue of Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)

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Short desc: 1890

Issuer: Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)
Dates: 12/9/1890 - 1894

Consists of 19 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1891 1/2p bl&ver d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1p blk d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1891 2p graygrn&ver d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1891 3p gray&grn d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
4p redbrn&blk d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
6p dpbl d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
6p ultra d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1891 8p rose&bl d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1sh graybrn d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
2sh ver d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
2sh6p dlvio d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1894 3sh brn&grn d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1893 4sh gray&ver d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
5sh yelorg d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
10sh d=arms of BSAC (1890 a)
1lb d=arms of BSAC (1890 b)
2lb d=arms of BSAC (1890 b)
5lb d=arms of BSAC (1890 b)
10lb d=arms of BSAC (1890 b)

Used by 3 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)-issue=1890-2p
issuer=Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)-issue=1890-4p
issuer=Rhodesia (British South Africa Company)-issue=1890-8p

Issues with this name: Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Austria, Brazil, British Guiana, Colombia, Antioquia, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Bamra, Leeward Islands, NossiBe, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Rhodesia (British South Africa Company), St. Helena, Seychelles, Shanghai, United States, Hawaii

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