Aggregate public collection of Indore

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Obj What Descr State Condition Value Notes
Colnect-1122-211-Maharaja-Shivaji-Rao-Holkar.jpg stamp postage 1889 1/4a org issue=1889 d=Holkar XII o
Colnect-1122-223-Maharaja-Shivaji-Rao-Holkar.jpg stamp postage 1889 1/2a dkvio issue=1889 d=Holkar XII o
Colnect-1122-185-Maharaja-Tukoji-Holkar-III.jpg stamp postage 1904 1/4a org d=Holkar XIII o
Colnect-2401-049-Maharaja-Tukoji-Holkar-III.jpg stamp postage 1904 1/2a redvio d=Holkar XIII o
Colnect-1049-299-Maharaja-Yeshwant-Rao-II.jpg stamp postage 1928 1/4a org d=Holkar XIV o
Colnect-1122-193-Maharaja-Yeshwant-Rao-Holkar-II.jpg stamp postage 1941 1/2a roselil d=Holkar XIV 1941 o
Colnect-1122-215-Maharaja-Yeshwant-Rao-Holkar-II.jpg stamp postage 1941 1a dkolgrn d=Holkar XIV 1941 o
No image sheet o

1 to 8 of 8