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Type of: Italy
Function: postage
Denom: 20c
Color: violet
Design: Ferrucci leading army
Catalog value:

Overprints on this type: (See as list)
Castellorizo 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=CASTELROSSO oc=red
Eritrea 1930 20c issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=ERITREA oc=blk
Somalia 7/25/1930 20c issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=SOMALIA ITALIANA oc=blk
Aegean Islands 1935 issue=Medal of Valor ovpt=ISOLE ITALIANE//DELL'EGEO oc=blk
Aegean Islands 1938 issue=Augustus 2000th ovpt=ISOLE//ITALIANE//DELL'EGEO oc=blk
Calchi 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=CALCHI oc=red
Calino 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=CALINO oc=red
Caso 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=CASO oc=red
Coo 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=COO oc=red
Lero 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=LERO oc=red
Lisso 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=LISSO oc=red
Nisiro 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=NISIRO oc=red
Patmo 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=PATMO oc=red
Piscopi 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=PISCOPI oc=red
Rhodes 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=RODI oc=red
Scarpanto 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=SCARPANTO oc=red
Simi 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci 400th ovpt=SIMI oc=red
Stampalia 10/20/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=STAMPALIA oc=red
Tripolitania 10/24/1923 issue=Propagation of the Faith ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk
Tripolitania 4/12/1926 issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk
Tripolitania 10/10/1927 issue=Volta ovpt=Tripolitania oc=blk
Tripolitania 10/14/1929 issue=Monte Cassino ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk
Tripolitania 3/17/1930 issue=Royal Wedding ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk
Tripolitania 7/26/1930 issue=Ferrucci death 400th ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk
Tripolitania 12/4/1930 issue=Virgil 2000th ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk
Tripolitania 5/7/1931 issue=St Anthony of Padua ovpt=TRIPOLITANIA oc=blk

Album places for this type:
ARC - Italy, page 80

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