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Issued by: France
Function: postage
Date: 4/13/1906
Issue: 1906
Denom: 5c
Color: green
Design: sower (1906 no ground)
Watermark: unwmk
Perf: 14x13.5
Catalog value:

Overprints on this type: (See as list)
Syria 1920 10c issue=1920d ovpt=O.M.F.//Syrie,centiemes oc=blk
Syria 1920 25c issue=1920d ovpt=O.M.F.//Syrie,centiemes oc=blk
French offices in the Turkish Empire 1921 30pa issue=1921 oc=blk
Cilicia 3/1920 10pa issue=1920b ovpt=O.M.F.//Cilicie//value oc=blk
Cilicia 3/1920 10pa issue=1920c ovpt=O.M.F.//Cilicie//SAND. EST//value oc=blk
Cilicia 5/1920 10pa issue=1919d OMF bold ovpt=O.M.F.bold//Cilicie//value oc=blk
Memel 7/7/1920 5pf issue=French overprinted ovpt=bars//MEMEL//value oc=blk

In collections: used (Stan Shebs), some private

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