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Issued by: Germany
Function: postage
Date: 1905
Issue: 1905
Denom: 40pf
Color: lake & black
Design: Germania (Deutsches Reich)
Watermark: lozenges
Catalog value:

Overprints on this type: (See as list)
Allenstein 1920 issue=1920a ovpt=PLEBISCITE//OLSZTYN//ALLENSTEIN oc=blk
Allenstein 1920 issue=1920b ovpt=oval oc=blk
German occupation of France 1916 50c issue=1916 ovpt=value oc=blk
Bavaria 5/17/1919 issue=1919c ovpt=Freistaat//Bayern(fraktur) oc=blk
German offices in China 1906 20c issue=1906 ovpt=China(fraktur)//value oc=blk
German offices in the Turkish Empire 11/1905 2pi ovpt=value(fraktur) oc=blk
German offices in the Turkish Empire 1908 50c ovpt=value(fraktur) oc=blk
First German occupation of Lithuania 1916 issue=1916 ovpt=Postgebiet//Ob. Ost oc=blk
Memel 8/1/1920 issue=German overprinted ovpt=Memel-//gebiet oc=blk
German occupation of Poland 5/12/1915 ovpt=Russisch-//Polen(fraktur) oc=blk
Saar 1/30/1920 40pf issue=1920a ovpt=Sarre//bar oc=blk
Saar 3/26/1920 40pf issue=1920c ovpt=SAARGEBIET oc=blk
Upper Silesia official 2/1920 issue=1920 official b ovpt=C1.H.S in circle oc=blk
German occupation of Belgium 1914 50c issue=1914 ovpt=Belgien//value oc=blk
German occupation of Belgium 1916 50c issue=1916

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