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Issued by: Italy
Function: postage
Date: 11/1/1910
Denom: 10l
Color: gray green & red
Design: Victor Emmanuel III (1910)
Watermark: crown (Italy)
Perf: 14
Catalog value:

Overprints on this type: (See as list)
7/23/1923 1.75l issue=provisional oc=blk
Dalmatia 1921 10cor ovpt=value oc=blk
Eritrea 1916 10l issue=1908 ovpt=Colonia Eritrea oc=blk
Somalia 6/1926 10l issue=1926b ovpt=SOMALIA//ITALIANA oc=blk unissued
Italian offices in Peking 11/1917 ovpt=Pechino oc=blk
Italian offices in Tientsin 11/1917 issue=1917b ovpt=Tientsin oc=blk
Italian offices in the Turkish Empire 1922 90pi issue=1922b ovpt=value oc=blk
Italian offices in the Turkish Empire 1922 90pi issue=1922c ovpt=value oc=blk
Italian offices in the Turkish Empire 1923 90pi issue=1923 ovpt=value oc=blk
Constantinople 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=CONSTANTINOPOLI//value oc=blk
Constantinople 1923 90pi issue=1923 ovpt=CONSTANTINOPOLI//value oc=blk
Durazzo 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=DURAZZO//value PIASTRE value oc=blk
Janina 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=Janina//value oc=blk
Jerusalem 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=Gerusalemme//value oc=blk
Salonika 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=SALONICCO//value PIASTRE value oc=blk
Scutari 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=SCUTARI//DI ALBANIA//value PIASTRE value oc=blk
Smyrna 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=SMIRNE//40 PIASTRE 40 oc=blk
Valona 1911 40pi issue=1909 ovpt=Valona//value oc=blk
Libya 1915 issue=1912 ovpt=Libia oc=blk
Oltre Giuba 7/29/1925 10l issue=1925 ovpt=OLTRE GIUBA(small) oc=blk

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ARC - Italy, page 80

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