Stampdesc Spain, 1950-1p

desc_issuer: Spain
desc_year: 1950
desc_denom: 1p

Related descs: issuer=Spain-1949 issuer=Spain-1951

Not used by any overprinted stamps.

Used by 1 image: See images as array

Matches 3 types:
Spain postage 3/8/1950 1p dkvio issue=St John of God death 400th d=St John of God unwmk perf=14
Spain airmail 10/12/1950 1p viobrn issue=stamp 100th unwmk imperf
Spain semipostal 10/23/1950 1+0.10p red issue=Visit of Franco to Canary Islands d=General Franco unwmk perf=12.75x13.25