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Stamps, 1941

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1941, Aug 1941 Izmir Fair issue unwmk (6 stamps)
X 30pa dlgrn Steamer Etrusk in the Port of Izmir, p. 11.25x11(.25)
X 3k olgray Sculpture in front of Fair Building, p. 11.25x11(.25)
X 6k rose fair building, p. 11.25x11(.25)
X 10k dpbl Ataturk statue, p. 11.25x11(.25)
X 12k dlbrnvio girl picking grapes, p. 11.25x11(.25)
X 17 1/2k dlbrn fair buildings

1941, Sep Barbarossa death 400th issue p. 11.75 (6 stamps)
- 20pa dkvio Tomb of Barbarossa II
- 3k bl & grnbl Barbarossa’s Fleet in Preveze Battle
- 6k carred & rose Barbarossa’s Fleet in Preveze Battle
X 10k viobl & bl Barbarossa’s Fleet in Preveze Battle
- 12k olbrn & yelbrn Barbarossa’s Fleet in Preveze Battle
- 17 1/2k multi Barbarossa II Khair ed-Din

postal tax

1937 1937 Map and crescent issue engr print
- 0.5k bl & red p. 10
- 1k redvio & red p. 10 and 12
- 2.5k org & red p. 10

1941 1941 tax issue soldier&map (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 1k pur soldier&map
X 2k ltbl soldier&map
X 3k chnt soldier&map
- 5k brtbl soldier&map
- 10k dkbl soldier&map

1941 1938 Map and crescent issue engr print p. 10
- 5k choc & red
- 10k palegrn & red
- 50k blk & red
- 1l blue & red

New Zealand


1938, Mar 1 1938 issue wmk. multiple NZ & star (no perf info)
X 1/2p brnorg King George VI
X 1p ltblgrn King George VI
X 3p bl King George VI

1941 ovpted
X 1p on 1/2p emer King George VI

1941 ovpted
X 2p on 1 1/2d viobrn King George VI

X 9p blk & scar Maori door panel


1941, Oct 4 Health 1941 issue
- 1d+1/2d blgrn
- 2d+1d brnorg



1938, Oct 17 Mercury issue unwmk p. 14x13.5
X 50c dkgrn Mercury

1939, May 23 Iris issue (no perf info)
X 1.50fr redorg Iris goddess

1940 1940a issue ovpted
X 1fr on 2.50fr grn Ceres
X 1fr on 2.25fr ultra Ceres, p. 14x13.5

1940, Dec 1940 Petain issue p. 13
X 40c redbrn Marshal Petain
X 80c turqbl Marshal Petain
X 2.50fr dpultra Marshal Petain

1941 1941 Petain issue Petain p. 14x13.5 (11 stamps)
X 20c lil Petain
X 30c red Petain
X 40c ultra Petain
X 50c grn Petain
X 60c vio Petain
X 70c dkbl Petain
X 70c org Petain
X 80c brn Petain
X 1fr rosered Petain
X 1.20fr redbrn Petain
X 1.50fr rose Petain
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