Stamps, 8 Apr 1925

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postal tax

1925, Apr 8 ovpted on stamps of Portugal (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 10c blgrn on type=postal tax-1925-10c-blgrn (0)
- 10c choc on type=postal tax-1925-10c-choc (0)
- 10c rose on type=postal tax-1925-10c-rose (0)
- 10c ultra on type=postal tax-1925-10c-ultra (0)

postal tax due

1925, Apr 8 ovpted on stamp of Portugal
- 20c brnorg on type=postal tax due-1925-20c-brnorg (0)


postal tax

1925 Comrades of the Great War issue p. 11
X 10c brn Muse of history & soldiers
X 10c grn Muse of history & soldiers
X 10c rose Muse of history & soldiers
X 10c ultra Muse of history & soldiers

San Marino


1903, Apr 1 1903 issue Mt. Titano wmk. crown (Italy) (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 5c redbrn Mt. Titano
X 10c olgrn Mt. Titano
X 15c brnvio Mt. Titano
- 20c blgrn Mt. Titano
X 25c vio Mt. Titano
X 30c org Mt. Titano
- 40c brn Mt. Titano
X 50c grayblk Mt. Titano
X 60c brnred Mt. Titano
X 1l ltbl Mt. Titano
- 2l vio Mt. Titano
- 5l ultra Mt. Titano

1 to 21 of 21