Stamps of Bolivia, 11 perf

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1893 arms 1890 9 stars unwmk p. 11 (5 stamps)
- 1c rose arms 1890 9 stars
- 2c vio arms 1890 9 stars
- 5c bl arms 1890 9 stars
- 10c org arms 1890 9 stars
- 20c dkgrn arms 1890 9 stars

1894 arms of Bolivia (7 stamps)
X 1c bis arms of Bolivia
X 2c redorg arms of Bolivia
X 5c grn arms of Bolivia
X 10c yelbrn arms of Bolivia
X 20c dkbl arms of Bolivia
X 50c cl arms of Bolivia
- 100c brnred arms of Bolivia

1897, Mar 15 national figures (8 stamps)
X 1c yelgrn Frias
- 2c red Linares
X 5c dkgrn Pedro Domingo Murillo
- 10c brnvio Bernardo Monteagudo
X 20c lake & blk Jose Ballivian
- 50c org Antonio José de Sucre
- 1b prusbl Bolivar
- 2b multi arms of Bolivia

1899 Antonio José de Sucre (7 stamps)
- 1c graybl Antonio José de Sucre
X 2c brnred Antonio José de Sucre
- 5c dkgrn Antonio José de Sucre
X 10c yelorg Antonio José de Sucre
X 20c rose Antonio José de Sucre
- 50c bisbrn Antonio José de Sucre
- 1b grayvio Antonio José de Sucre

1899, Apr 18 ovpted arms of Bolivia (7 stamps)
- 1c bis ovpt, arms of Bolivia
- 2c redorg ovpt, arms of Bolivia
- 5c grn ovpt, arms of Bolivia
- 10c yelbrn ovpt, arms of Bolivia
- 20c dkbl ovpt, arms of Bolivia
- 50c cl ovpt, arms of Bolivia
- 100c brnred ovpt, arms of Bolivia

X 5c dkred Antonio José de Sucre

1901 1901 issue (6 stamps)
X 1c lake Adolfo Ballivian
X 2c grn Campacho
X 5c ver Campero
X 10c dkbl Jose Ballivian
X 20c dlvio & blk Andres Santa Cruz
- 2b brn arms of Bolivia

1904 litho print
X 1c lake Adolfo Ballivian

1909 100th Anniversary of the Beginning of War of Independence issue (8 stamps)
X 1c ltbrn & blk Betanzos
X 2c grn & blk Warnes
X 5c red & blk Pedro Domingo Murillo
X 10c dkbl & blk Monteagudo
X 20c vio & blk Arze
X 50c ol & blk Antonio José de Sucre
- 1b graybrn & blk Bolivar
- 2b choc & blk Belgrano

1909, Jul 16 1809 revolution 100th issue
- 5c bl & blk seal
- 10c grn & blk Pedro Domingo Murillo
- 20c org & blk Jose Miguel Lanza
- 2b scar & blk Ismael Montes

1910 liberation of Santa Cruz issue
X 5c emer & blk Jose Ignacio Warnes
X 10c cl & blk Betanzos
X 20c ultra & blk Arze

1911, Aug ovpted
X 5c on 2c grn Campacho

1911, Aug ovpted
- 5c on 20c dlvio & blk Andres Santa Cruz

1911, Aug ovpted
- 20c on 2c grn & blk Warnes

1913 1913 issue (8 stamps)
X 1c carrose Adolfo Ballivian
X 2c scar Campacho
X 5c grn Campero
X 8c yel Frias
X 10c gray Jose Ballivian
X 50c vio Antonio José de Sucre
- 1b bl Bolivar
- 2b blk arms of Bolivia

1916, Feb 1916 issue (7 stamps)
X 1/2c brn monolith
X 1c dlgrn Mt Potosi
X 2c red & blk Lake Titicaca
X 5c bl Mt Illimani, v. lined bg
X 5c bl Mt Illimani, v. white
X 10c org & bl Legislative Palace, v. large letters
- 10c org & bl Legislative Palace, v. small letters

1930 1930 issue ovpted
- 1c on 2c scar Campacho
- 3c on 2c red & blk Lake Titicaca
- 25c on 2c red & blk Lake Titicaca
- 25c on 1/2c brn monolith

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