Postage stamps of Brazil

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1843, Aug 1 unwmk imperf
- 30r blk bulls eye
X 60r blk bulls eye
- 90r blk bulls eye

1844 numeral (7 stamps)
X 10r blk numeral
X 30r blk numeral
X 60r blk numeral
- 90r blk numeral
- 180r blk numeral
- 300r blk numeral
- 600r blk numeral

1850, Jan 1 numeral (8 stamps)
- 10r blk numeral
X 20r blk numeral
X 30r blk numeral
X 60r blk numeral
X 90r blk numeral
- 180r blk numeral
- 300r blk numeral
X 600r blk numeral

X 10r bl numeral
- 30r bl numeral

- 280r red numeral
- 430r yel numeral

1866 numeral p. 13.5 (11 stamps)
- 10r bl numeral
- 20r blk numeral
- 30r bl numeral
- 30r blk numeral
- 60r blk numeral
- 90r blk numeral
- 180r blk numeral
- 280r red numeral
- 300r blk numeral
- 430r yel numeral
- 600r blk numeral

1866, Jul 1 1866 Dom Pedro issue p. 12 (7 stamps)
X 10r ver Dom Pedro II
X 20r redlil Dom Pedro II
X 50r bl Dom Pedro II
X 80r slvio Dom Pedro II
X 100r blgrn Dom Pedro II
X 200r blk Dom Pedro II
X 500r org Dom Pedro II

1876 1876 issue p. roul (7 stamps)
- 10r ver Dom Pedro II
- 20r redlil Dom Pedro II
X 50r bl Dom Pedro II
X 80r vio Dom Pedro II
X 100r grn Dom Pedro II
X 200r blk Dom Pedro II
X 500r org Dom Pedro II

1878, Jan 15 1878 issue (10 stamps)
X 10r ver Dom Pedro II
X 20r vio Dom Pedro II
X 50r bl Dom Pedro II
X 80r lake Dom Pedro II
X 100r grn Dom Pedro II
X 200r blk Dom Pedro II
X 260r dkbrn Dom Pedro II
X 300r bis Dom Pedro II
- 700r redbrn Dom Pedro II
X 1000r graylil Dom Pedro II

1878, Aug 21 p. 12
X 300r org & grn Dom Pedro II

1881, Jul 15 p. roul
- 50r bl small head
- 100r olgrn small head
- 200r ltredbrn small head

1882 1882 issue
- 10r blk larger head
- 100r olgrn larger head
- 200r ltredbrn larger head

1884 1884 issue (6 stamps)
X 10r org larger head, p. roul
- 20r slgrn larger head, p. roul
- 50r bl larger head, p. roul
- 100r lil larger head, p. roul
- 100r lil Solid background
- 100r lil

1885 p. roul
- 100r lil Southern Cross

- 50r crown
- 300r crown
- 500r crown

- 100r lil numeral

- 700r vio crown
- 1000r dlbl crown

1890 1890 issue Southern Cross (12 stamps)
X 20r blgrn Southern Cross
- 20r graygrn Southern Cross
X 50r graygrn Southern Cross
- 100r lilrose Southern Cross
X 100r redlil Southern Cross
X 200r pur Southern Cross
- 300r Southern Cross
- 500r olbis Southern Cross
- 500r sl Southern Cross 10.–100 1.00–10.
- 700r choc Southern Cross 10.–100 10.–100
- 700r fawn Southern Cross
X 1000r bis Southern Cross

1891, May 1
X 100r bl & red Liberty Head

1893, Jan 18
X 100r rose Liberty Head

1894 1894 issue (11 stamps)
X 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf a
X 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf b
X 20r org & bl Sugarloaf b
X 50r dkbl & bl Sugarloaf b
X 100r car & blk Liberty Head
X 200r org & blk Liberty Head
X 300r grn & blk Liberty Head
X 500r bl & blk Liberty Head
- 700r lil & blk Liberty Head
X 1000r grn & vio Hermes
- 2000r blk & graylil Hermes

1898 1898a issue ovpted n1 p. rouletted (12 stamps)
- 100r on 50r och n1
- 100r on 50r och n1
- 200r on 100r vio n1
X 300r on 200r blk n1
X 500r on 300r car n1
- 500r on 300r car n1
- 700r on 500r grn n1
- 700r on 500r yel n1
- 1000r on 700r ltbl n1
- 1000r on 700r yel n1
- 2000r on 1000r brn n1
- 2000r on 1000r yel n1

1898 1898b issue ovpted (no perf info)
- 20r on 10r bl n3
- 50r on 20r grn n3, w. unwmk
- 100r on 50r yelgrn n3, w. unwmk
- 200r on 100r vio n2, w. unwmk

1898 1898c issue p. 5.5-7 (6 stamps)
- 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf b
- 20r org & bl Sugarloaf b
- 50r Sugarloaf b
- 100r Liberty Head
- 200r Sugarloaf b
- 300r Sugarloaf b

1898 1898d issue p. 8.5-9.5 (7 stamps)
X 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf
- 20r org & bl Liberty Head
- 50r Liberty Head
- 100r Liberty Head
- 200r Liberty Head
- 300r Liberty Head
- 1000r grn & vio Hermes

1899, Jun 25 ovpted Southern Cross p. roul (7 stamps)
- 50r on 20r graygrn Southern Cross
X 100r on 50r graygrn Southern Cross
- 300r on 200r pur Southern Cross
- 500r on 300r Southern Cross
- 700r on 500r olbis Southern Cross
- 1000r on 700r fawn Southern Cross
- 2000r on 1000r bis Southern Cross

1900 1900 issue (no perf info)
X 50r grn Sugarloaf
X 100r rose Liberty Head
X 200r bl Liberty Head

1900, Jan 1 Brazil discovery 400th issue p. 12.5
X 100r red Cabral arrival
- 200r grn & yel independence proclamation
- 500r bl emancipation of slaves
- 700r emer allegory

1905 1905 issue wmk. CORREIO or IMPOSTO (no perf info) (6 stamps)
- 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf b
- 20r org & bl Sugarloaf b
X 50r grn Sugarloaf b
X 100r rose Liberty Head
X 200r dkbl Liberty Head
X 300r grn & blk Liberty Head 10.–100 1.00–10.

1905 1905b wmk correio issue wmk. CORREIO FEDERAL... (7 stamps)
- 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf b
- 20r org & bl Sugarloaf b
- 50r grn Sugarloaf b
- 100r rose Liberty Head
- 200r dkbl Liberty Head
- 300r grn & blk Liberty Head 10.–100 1.00–10.
- 1000r grn & vio Hermes

1905 1905c wmk imposto issue wmk. IMPOSTO FEDERAL... (6 stamps)
- 10r rose & bl Sugarloaf b
- 20r org & bl Sugarloaf b
- 50r grn Sugarloaf b
- 100r rose Liberty Head
- 200r dkbl Liberty Head
- 300r grn & blk Liberty Head 10.–100 1.00–10.

1906, Jul 23 3rd Pan-American Congress issue wmk. ESTADOS p. 11.5
- 100r carrose
- 200r bl

1906, Nov 10 national figures 1906 issue p. 12 (17 stamps)
X 10r blsl Aristides Lobo
X 20r vio Benjamin Constant
X 50r grn Alvares Cabral
X 100r rose Wandenkolk
X 200r grnbl Deodoro
X 200r ultra Deodoro (1915)
X 200r ultra Deodoro (1916) .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 300r blk Floriano
X 400r olgrn Prudente
X 500r blkvio Campos Salles
X 600r olgrn Prudente
- 700r redbrn Rodrigues Alves
- 1000r ver Princess Izabel
X 2000r yelgrn Princess Izabel
X 2000r grnbl Columbus (1915)
- 5000r carrose Princess Izabel
- 10000r brn Nilo Pecanha (1910) 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1908, Jul 14 foreign commerce opening 100th issue
X 100r red

1908, Jul 14 National Exposition 1908 issue
X 100r car allegories in Rio harbor

X 200r dpbl liberators

1913 (no perf info)
X 1000r dpgrn Baron of Rio Branco

1915, Nov 13 Cabo Frio 300th issue wmk. CORREIO diagonal
X 100r dkgrn Cabo Frio

1916 wmk. ESTADOS
X 1000r sl Baron of Rio Branco

1916, Jan 5 Belem 300th issue wmk. CORREIO diagonal p. 11.5
- 100r car Bay of Guajara

1917, Mar 6 Pernambuco revolt 100th issue
- 100r bl

1917, Aug 31 wmk. ESTADOS (no perf info)
- 5000r redbrn Alves

1918, Jun 11 1918a issue unwmk p. 12.5,13,13x13.5 (7 stamps)
X 10r orgbrn Liberty Head
X 20r sl Liberty Head
X 25r olgray Liberty Head (1920)
- 50r grn Liberty Head
X 100r rose Liberty Head
X 300r redorg Liberty Head
X 500r dlvio Liberty Head

1918, Jun 11 1918b issue wmk. CASA DA MOEDA
- 10r redbrn Liberty Head
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1 to 200 of 4491