Stamps of Bulgaria, 12 perf

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1911, Feb 14 1911 issue unwmk p. 12 (12 stamps)
X 1s myrgrn Tsar Assen Tower
X 2s car & blk Tsar Ferdinand in general uniform
X 3s lake & blk Trnovo
X 5s grn & blk Tsar Ferdinand
X 10s car & blk Tsar Ferdinand in Admirals uniform
X 15s bisbrn Isker River
X 25s ultra & blk Ferdinand
X 30s bl & blk Rila monestery
X 50s och & blk Tsar & princes
X 1l choc The Tsar in his coronation Robes
- 2l pur & blk Monastery of the Holy Trinity Troica
- 3l blvio & blk Port of Varna

1913, Aug 6 victory 1913 issue ovpted (7 stamps)
X 1s myrgrn ovpt, Tsar Assen Tower
X 2s car & blk ovpt, Tsar Ferdinand in general uniform
X 3s lake & blk ovpt, Trnovo
X 5s grn & blk ovpt, Tsar Ferdinand
X 10s car & blk ovpt, Tsar Ferdinand in Admirals uniform
X 15s bisbrn ovpt, Isker River
X 25s ultra & blk ovpt, Ferdinand

1915, Jul 6 ovpted
X 10s on 25s ultra & blk Ferdinand

1921, Mar 1921a issue (13 stamps)
X 10s blgray Sofia
X 20s dpgrn Alexander II monument
X 25s blgrn Tsar Boris III
X 50s org City of Tarnovo
X 50s dkbl (1923)
X 75s dlvio monastery, Shipka Pass
X 75s dpbl monastery, Shipka Pass (1923)
X 1l car Tsar Boris
X 1l dpbl Tsar Boris
X 2l brn woman harvesting grain
X 3l brnvio
X 5l ltbl
- 10l viobrn Tsar Boris III

1921, Dec 31 Bourchier death issue (9 stamps)
X 10s redorg Bourchier in Bulgarian costume
X 20s org Bourchier in Bulgarian costume
X 30s dkgray J.D. Bourchier
X 50s blgray J.D. Bourchier
X 1l vio J.D. Bourchier
X 1 1/2l olgrn Rila Monastery
X 2l dpgrn Rila Monastery
X 3l prusbl Rila Monastery
X 5l redbrn Rila Monastery

1924, Nov 10 1924 surcharges issue ovpted
X 3l on 50s dkbl
X 6l on 1l car Tsar Boris

1936, Apr 4 1936 issue
X 50s grn lion of Bulgaria


1939, Sep 22 Sevlievo flood relief issue
- 2+1l
- 4+2l
- 7+4l
- 14+7l

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