Stamps of Ceylon, mult crown & CA watermark

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1904 1904 issue wmk. mult crown & CA p. 14 (12 stamps)
X 2c redbrn King Edward VII .20
X 3c grn King Edward VII .20
X 4c yel & bl King Edward VII
X 5c ltredvio King Edward VII
X 6c car King Edward VII .20
X 12c olgrn & car King Edward VII
X 15c ltbl King Edward VII
- 25c bis King Edward VII
X 30c vio & grn King Edward VII
- 75c bl & org King Edward VII (1905)
- 1r50c King Edward VII
- 2r25c King Edward VII

1908, May 26
X 5c dlpur King Edward VII .20

1908, Jun 6
X 6c car King Edward VII

1910 1910 issue (9 stamps)
- 2c orgbrn King Edward VII
X 3c grn King Edward VII (1911)
- 10c King Edward VII
- 25c King Edward VII
- 50c King Edward VII, v. white bg
- 1r King Edward VII
- 2r King Edward VII
- 5r King Edward VII
- 10r King Edward VII

1912 1912 issue (19 stamps)
X 1c brn King George V (1920)
X 2c org King George V
X 3c grn King George V
X 5c pur King George V
X 6c car King George V
X 10c olgrn King George V
X 15c ultra King George V
X 25c yel & ultra King George V
X 30c grn & vio King George V
- 50c blk & scar King George V
- 1r vio, yel King George V
- 2r blk & red, yel King George V
- 5r King George V
- 10r King George V
- 20r King George V
- 50r King George V
- 100r King George V
- 500r King George V
- 1000r King George V

1918 ovpted
X 1c on 5c pur King George V .20

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