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Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 1918

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1918 1918a issue Hradcany unwmk imperf (10 stamps)
X 3h redvio Hradcany .20
X 5h yelgrn Hradcany
X 10h dprose Hradcany .20
X 20h blgrn Hradcany
X 25h bl Hradcany
X 30h bis Hradcany
X 40h redorg Hradcany
X 100h brn Hradcany
X 200h ultra Hradcany
X 400h pur Hradcany

1918 1918b issue Hradcany p. 11.5,13.5 (5 stamps)
X 5h yelgrn Hradcany
- 10h dprose Hradcany
X 20h blgrn Hradcany
X 25h bl Hradcany
X 200h ultra Hradcany


1918 1918 newspaper issue windhover (8 stamps)
X 2h graygrn windhover, imperf
X 5h grn windhover, p. 11.5
X 6h red windhover, imperf
X 10h dlvio windhover, imperf
X 20h bl windhover, imperf
X 30h graybrn windhover, imperf
X 50h org windhover .20–.30 .20
X 100h redbrn windhover .30–1.00 .20

postage due

1918 1918 due issue imperf (14 stamps)
X 5h bis
X 10h bis
X 15h bis
X 20h bis
X 25h bis
X 30h bis
X 40h bis
X 50h bis
- 100h blkbrn
- 250h org
- 400h scar
X 500h graygrn
X 1000h pur
X 2000h dkbl

1 to 37 of 37