Postage due stamps of Czechoslovakia

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postage due

1918 1918 due issue unwmk imperf (14 stamps)
X 5h bis
X 10h bis
X 15h bis
X 20h bis
X 25h bis
X 30h bis
X 40h bis
X 50h bis
- 100h blkbrn
- 250h org
- 400h scar
X 500h graygrn
X 1000h pur
X 2000h dkbl

1922 1922 postage due issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 20h on 3h redvio Hradcany
X 50h on 75h sl Hradcany
X 60h on 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 100h on 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 200h on 400h pur Hradcany

1923 1923 postage due issue ovpted (12 stamps)
X 10h on 3h redvio Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
- 20h on 3h redvio Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
X 30h on 3h redvio Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
X 40h on 3h redvio Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
X 50h on 75h sl Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
X 60h on 75h sl Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
- 60h dkvio on issue=1919a-50h-dkvio-unissued (0) (1926)
- 60h on 50h dkbl Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf (1926)
X 100h on 120h blk Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
X 100h on 80h olgrn Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf
X 100h on 400h pur Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf (1926)
X 100h on 1000h vio Hradcany, w. unwmk, imperf (1926)

1924, Nov 6 1924 due issue
X 50h car
- 60h car
X 100h car

1925, Jul 1 1925 due issue ovpted (7 stamps)
X 10h on 5h bis
X 20h on 5h bis
X 30h on 15h bis
X 40h on 15h bis
X 50h on 250h org
X 60h on 250h org
- 100h on 250h org

1926, Feb 2 1926 due a issue
X 30h
X 40h
- 100h imperf

1926, Apr 1 1926 due b issue p. 13.75 (6 stamps)
X 30h
X 40h
X 40h
X 50h
X 60h
X 100h

1927 1927 due a issue (no perf info)
- 100h Owerprint

1927, Jan 10 1927 due b issue p. 14 (7 stamps)
X 40h
X 50h
X 50h
X 60h
X 60h
X 100h
X 100h

1927, Sep 26 imperf
- 200h grn

1928 1928 due issue numeral & DOPLATNE p. 13.75x13.5 (12 stamps)
X 5h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 10h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 20h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 30h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 40h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 50h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 60h dkred numeral & DOPLATNE
X 1k ultra numeral & DOPLATNE
X 2k ultra numeral & DOPLATNE
X 5k ultra numeral & DOPLATNE
X 10k ultra numeral & DOPLATNE
X 20k ultra numeral & DOPLATNE

1946, May 1 1946 due issue numeral & birds p. 14 (12 stamps)
X 10h bl numeral & birds
X 20h bl numeral & birds
X 50h bl numeral & birds
X 1kc carred numeral & birds
X 1.20kc carred numeral & birds
X 1.50Kc carred numeral & birds
X 1.60kc carred numeral & birds
X 2kc carred numeral & birds
X 2.40kc carred numeral & birds
X 3kc carred numeral & birds
X 5kc carred numeral & birds
X 6kc carred numeral & birds

1954, Nov 22 1954 due issue (13 stamps)
X 5h yelgrn p. 12.5
X 10h yelgrn p. 12.5
X 30h yelgrn p. 12.5
X 50h yelgrn p. 12.5
X 60h yelgrn p. 12.5
X 95h yelgrn p. 12.5
X 1kc grayvio p. 12.5
X 1.20kc grayvio p. 12.5
X 1.50Kc grayvio
X 1.60kc grayvio p. 12.5
X 2kc grayvio p. 12.5
X 3kc grayvio p. 12.5
X 5kc grayvio

1971 1971 postage due issue - stylized flowers (12 stamps)
X 10h viobl & ltrd (1972)
X 20h dkvio & palebl (1972)
X 30h yelgrn & lil (1972)
X 60h vio & yelgrn (1972)
X 80h red & vio (1972)
X 1k dkredvio & ltblgrn (1972)
X 1.20k (1972)
X 2k turq & orgred (1972)
X 3k vioblk & yel (1972)
X 4k dkbrn & ltviobl (1972)
X 5.40k red & lil
X 6k (1972)

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