Stamps of Czechoslovakia, imperf perf

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1918 1918a issue Hradcany unwmk imperf (10 stamps)
X 3h redvio Hradcany .20
X 5h yelgrn Hradcany
X 10h dprose Hradcany .20
X 20h blgrn Hradcany
X 25h bl Hradcany
X 30h bis Hradcany
X 40h redorg Hradcany
X 100h brn Hradcany
X 200h ultra Hradcany
X 400h pur Hradcany

1919 1919a issue (14 stamps)
X 1h dkbrn Hradcany
X 5h blgrn Hradcany
X 15h red Hradcany
X 25h dlvio Hradcany
X 50h dkbl Hradcany
X 50h dlvio Hradcany
X 60h org Hradcany
X 75h sl Hradcany
X 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 120h blk Hradcany
X 300h dkgrn Hradcany
X 500h redbrn Hradcany
- 1000h blvio Hradcany
X 1000h vio Hradcany

1945, Apr 30 arms 1945 (9 stamps)
X 50h olgray arms 1945
X 1k redpur arms 1945
X 1.50k car arms 1945
X 2k dpbl arms 1945
X 2.40k copbrn arms 1945
X 3k brn arms 1945
X 4k slgrn arms 1945
X 6k viobl arms 1945
X 10k sep arms 1945

1948, Nov 23 Gottwald 52nd issue
- 30k Klement Gottwald 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#3935)

1948, Dec 18 30th Anniversary of Czechoslovakian Stamps issue
- 10k Hradcany sheet
- Czechoslovakia 1948 sheet of 1 type

1954, Dec 18 Zapotocky 70th issue
- 2k sheet

1966, Mar 21 The Bartered Bride 100th issue
X 3k slbl & red & bl girl dancing with bouquet

1968, Jun 22
- 10k multi stamp 50th sheet 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type

1986, Jun 3 Praga '88 in 1986 issue
- 20kc multi
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#4008)

1988, May 12 Praga '88 b issue
- 1kc multi
- 2kc multi
- 5kc multi
- 7kc multi
- Czechoslovakia 1988 sheet of 4 types
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 4, 1 type
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#4022)
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#4023)
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#4024)

1988, Jun 1 Soviet-American Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, Moscow issue
- 4kc multi
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type

1988, Aug 26 Praga '88 / Treaty on the Establishment of Peace throughout Christendom 500th issue
- 1.60kc multi George of Poděbrady


1918 1918 newspaper issue windhover (5 stamps)
X 2h graygrn windhover
X 6h red windhover
X 10h dlvio windhover
X 20h bl windhover
X 30h graybrn windhover

1925, May 15 ovpted
X 5h on 2h graygrn windhover

X 5h
- 10h

1926, Mar 1
- 5h

1926, Jul 1 ovpted
- 5h on 6h red windhover

1934 ovpted
- 20h bl ovpt, windhover
- 30h graybrn ovpt, windhover

1934, Nov 15 ovpted
X 10h dlvio ovpt, windhover

1937, Apr 30 1937 newspaper issue carrier pigeon (7 stamps)
X 2h bisbrn carrier pigeon
X 5h dlbl carrier pigeon
X 7h redorg carrier pigeon
X 9h emer carrier pigeon
X 10h brn carrier pigeon
X 12h ultra carrier pigeon
X 20h dkgrn carrier pigeon

1945, Dec 20 1945 newspaper issue delivering newspaper (10 stamps)
X 5h bl delivering newspaper
X 10h brnred delivering newspaper
X 15h grn delivering newspaper
X 20h dkgrn delivering newspaper
X 25h mve delivering newspaper
X 30h och delivering newspaper
X 40h orgred delivering newspaper
X 50h dkbrn delivering newspaper
X 1kc olgray delivering newspaper
X 5kc ultra delivering newspaper

postage due

1918 1918 due issue (14 stamps)
X 5h bis
X 10h bis
X 15h bis
X 20h bis
X 25h bis
X 30h bis
X 40h bis
X 50h bis
- 100h blkbrn
- 250h org
- 400h scar
X 500h graygrn
X 1000h pur
X 2000h dkbl

1922 1922 postage due issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 20h on 3h redvio Hradcany
X 50h on 75h sl Hradcany
X 60h on 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 100h on 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 200h on 400h pur Hradcany

1923 1923 postage due issue ovpted (11 stamps)
X 10h on 3h redvio Hradcany
- 20h on 3h redvio Hradcany
X 30h on 3h redvio Hradcany
X 40h on 3h redvio Hradcany
X 50h on 75h sl Hradcany
X 60h on 75h sl Hradcany
- 60h on 50h dkbl Hradcany (1926)
X 100h on 120h blk Hradcany
X 100h on 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 100h on 400h pur Hradcany (1926)
X 100h on 1000h vio Hradcany (1926)

1924, Nov 6 1924 due issue
X 50h car
- 60h car
X 100h car

1925, Jul 1 1925 due issue ovpted (7 stamps)
X 10h on 5h bis
X 20h on 5h bis
X 30h on 15h bis
X 40h on 15h bis
X 50h on 250h org
X 60h on 250h org
- 100h on 250h org

1926, Feb 2 1926 due a issue
- 100h

1927, Sep 26
- 200h grn


1919 1919 Austrian c issue (6 stamps)
X 2h brn
X 4H grn
X 6h ultra
- 10h orgred
- 10h
X 30h red

1919 1919 Hungarian d issue
- 2f orgred 108
- 2f orgred 127

1919, Oct 27 1st Anniversary of Czechoslovak Independence b issue (9 stamps)
- 15h graygrn
- 15h ltgrn
- 25h dkbrn
- 25h ltbrn
- 50h ultra
- 75h prusbl
- 100h viobrn
- 100h dkbrn
- 120h vio

1946, May 5 1st Anniversary of the May Uprising issue
- 4+6k graybl
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#3933)

1946, Aug 3 Stamp Exhibition, Brno issue
- 2.40+7.60kc red

special delivery

1919, Feb 10 1919 express issue
X 2h pur
- 2h pur White paper
X 5h grn
- 5h grn White paper

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