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Stamps of Germany, 1905

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1905 1905 issue wmk. lozenges (14 stamps)
X 2pf gray Germania
X 3pf brn Germania
X 5pf grn Germania
X 10pf car Germania
X 20pf ultra Germania, p. 14x14.5
X 25pf org & blk, yel Germania
X 30pf org & blk, buff Germania
X 40pf lake & blk Germania
X 50pf pur & blk, buff Germania
X 80pf lake & blk, rose Germania
X 1m carrose Imperial Post Office, p. 14x14.5
X 2m graybl union of North and South, p. 14x14.5
X 3m blkvio unveiling
X 5m sl & car Wilhelm II speaking, p. 14x14.5

1 to 14 of 14