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Stamps of Poland, 1955

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1955 International Youth Festival issue engr print unwmk p. 9-14.5
X 25g multi
- 60g multi

1955, Jan 17 Warsaw liberation 10th issue
- 40g redbrn entering city
X 60g dlbl allegory

1955, Feb 22 5th Chopin music competition b issue
X 40g dkbrn Chopin
X 60g ind Chopin

1955, Apr 21 Polish-Soviet treaty 10th issue
X 40g brnred Palace of Culture & flags
X 40g ltbrn Palace of Culture & flags
X 60g prusbl monument
X 60g dkolbrn monument

1955, Apr 25 8th Peace Race issue
X 40g choc Three wheels & the coats of arms of PragueBerlin & Wars
X 60g ultra Three doves above road

1955, May 3 Warsaw monuments (8 stamps)
X 5g dkgrn, grn mermaid
X 10g dkpur Dzerzhinski
X 15g brnblk Zygmunt III Waza
X 20g dkbl Polish-Soviet Brothers-in-arms Monument
X 40g blvio Mikolaj Kopernik
X 45g dkcarbrn Maria Sklodowska-Curie
X 60g dkbl Adam Mickiewicz
- 1.55z slbl Jan Kilinski Sculpture - By S. Jackowski

1955, Jun 10 24th Poznan fair issue
- 40g brtultra Town hall in Poznan
X 60g brnred Town hall in Poznan

1955, Jun 16 Cracow celebration issue
X 20g multi carnival costume
- 40g multi
- 60g multi

1955, Jul 13 youth festival 1955 issue (6 stamps)
- 25g multi
X 40g multi Palace of Culture & peace dove
- 45g multi
- 60g multi Palace of Culture & peace dove
- 60g ultra
- 1z

1955, Jul 20 Tatra motorcycle race issue
X 40g choc motorcyclists
X 60g dkgrn motorcyclists

1955, Jul 21 National Day 1955 issue
- 60g gray Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw
- 60g ultra Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw
- 75g blgrn Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw
- 75g brn Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw

1955, Jul 27 2nd International Youth Games issue (6 stamps)
X 20g blkbrn athletes
X 40g hammer throw
X 60g graybl Stadium in Warsaw
X 1z orgred basketball
X 1.35z dlvio rowing
- 1.55z blgrn swimming

1955, Aug 3 International Philatelic Exhibition in Warsaw 1955 issue imperf
- 1Zł multi International Philatelic Exhibition
- 2Zł viobl & ltbl International Philatelic Exhibition

1955, Sep 22 western territory 10th issue p. 9-14.5
X 25g dlgrn Szczecin
- 40g redbrn Cathedral Wroclaw
- 60g viobl Town hall Zielona Gora
- 95g dkgray Town hall Opole

1955, Sep 30 1905 revolution 50th issue
- 40g dkbrn Revolutionaries holding flag
X 60g brncar Revolutionaries holding flag

1955, Oct 10 Mickiewicz death 100th issue
X 20g dkbrn portrait
X 40g brnorg & blkbrn Mickiewicz monument in Paris
X 60g dkblgrn & dkbrn Mickiewicz mask
- 95g brncar & blk Mickiewicz monument in Poznan

1955, Oct 21 Polish Teachers Trade Union 50th issue
X 40g brn teacher & child
- 60g bl Bowl in fron of an open book


1955, Jul 7 6th Polish Philatelic Exhibition, Poznan issue imperf
- 2Zł blgrn & dkbrn Town Hall in Poznan - Green
- 3Zł car & dkol Town Hall in Poznan - Red

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