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Stamps of Poland, 1959

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1959, Jan 3 sports (1959 Poland) unwmk p. 9-14.5
X 40g ltbl & viobl sailboat
X 60g brnvio & sal Girl archer
- 95g soccer
X 2z Horsemanship

1959, Mar 10 3rd Workers Congress issue
X 40g multi hand on ship's wheel
X 60g multi Wheat hammer & flag
X 1.55z multi factory

1959, May 8 mushrooms (1959) (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Death Cap
X 30g multi Slippery Jack
- 40g multi King Bolete
X 60g multi Milky agaric
X 1z multi Cantharelle
X 2.50z multi Psalliota campestris
- 3.40z multi Fly Agaric
- 5.60z Leccinum scabrum

1959, Jun paintings (1959 Poland) (5 stamps)
X 40g graygrn Storks by JChelmonski
X 60g dlpur Motherhood by SWyspianski
X 1z blk Leonia Bluhdorn by HRodakowski
X 1.50z viobrn Death by JMalczewski
X 6.40z bl Sandwasers by AGierymski

1959, Jul 1
X 2.50z multi miner & globe

1959, Jul 21 Polish republic 15th issue
X 40g blk & blgrn Symbol of Agriculture
X 60g blk & ltrd Symbol of Industry
X 1.50z blk & ltbl Symbol of art And science

1959, Jul 24 Zamenhof 100th issue
X 60g portrait
- 1.50z Starglobe & flag

1959, Jul 27 7th World Youth Festival issue
X 60g multi map of Austria & flowers
X 2.50z multi map of Austria & flowers

1959, Aug 24 LOT 30th issue
X 60g multi

1959, Aug 27
X 60g dkgrn & blk Sejm
X 2.50z grayvio & blk Sejm

1959, Aug 30 ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 45g on 45g (58)

1959, Sep 1 world peace movement 10th issue unwmk p. 9-14.5
X 60g bl & gray

1959, Sep 21 Polish Red Cross 100th issue
X 40g multi nurse
X 60g multi nurse
X 2.50z multi Henri Dunant

1959, Sep 28 Polish-Chinese friendship issue
X 60g multi The emblem of friendship
X 2.50z multi The emblem of friendship

1959, Oct 9 Stamp Day 1959 issue
X 60g Stylized flower made of stamps
X 2.50z multi

1959, Nov 7 moon rocket landing issue
X 40g Sputnik 3
X 60g Luna I Sun
X 2.50z Earth Moon Sputnik 2

1959, Nov 14 1000 schools campaign issue
X 40g Child doing homework
X 60g Three children leaving school

1959, Dec 10 scientists (1959) (5 stamps)
X 20g dkbl Darwin
X 40g olgray Dimitrij Iwanowitsch Mendelejev
X 60g cl Albert Einstein
- 1.50z dkviobrn Louis Pasteur
X 1.55z dkgrn Isaac Newton
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