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Stamps of Poland, 1964

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1964, Jan 25 Winter Olympics 1964 issue unwmk p. 9-14.5 (8 stamps)
X 20g multi ice hockey
X 30g multi slalom
X 40g multi skiing
X 60g multi speed skating
X 1z multi ski jump
X 2.50z multi Tobogganing
X 5.60z multi cross-country skiing
X 6.50z multi figure skating pair
- Poland sheet of 4, 2 types

1964, Mar 19 ships (1964) (8 stamps)
X 1.35z ultra Columbus caravel ships
X 1.50z dlvio galleon
X 1.55z dkolgrn Polish warship 1627
X 2z vio Dutch merchant ship
X 2.10z dkblgrn ship of the line, 18th c.
X 2.50z dkrose frigate
X 3z ol clipper ship
X 3.40z brn Dar Pomorza

1964, Apr 15 Polish People's Republic 20th issue
X 60g multi
X 60g multi

1964, Apr 30 cats (1964) (10 stamps)
X 30g multi black European cat
X 40g multi European cat
X 50g multi Siamese cat
X 60g multi European cat
X 90g multi Persian cat
X 1.35z multi Persian cat
X 1.55z multi European cat
X 2.50z multi Domestic Cat Felis silvestris catus
X 3.40z multi Persian cat
- 6.50z multi Felis domestica

1964, May 5 Jagiellonian University 600th issue (5 stamps)
X 40g dlcl King Casimir III
X 40g grn Hugo Kollataj
X 60g vio Jan Dlugosz
X 60g dkbl Nicolaus Copernicus
X 2.50z multi King Wladyslaw II Jagiello & Queen Jadwiga

1964, Jun 5 waterfowl (1964) (9 stamps)
X 30g multi lapwing
X 40g multi White-spotted bluethroat
X 50g multi black-tailed godwit
X 60g multi osprey
X 90g multi gray heron
X 1.35z multi Little gull
X 1.55z multi Shoveler
X 5.60z multi Arctic loon
X 6.50z multi Great crested grebe

1964, Jun 15 4th Polish United Workers Party congress issue
X 60g multi Brick wall under construction & red flag
X 60g multi Red & White Ribbon around Hammer
X 60g multi hands holding red flag
X 60g multi Hammer & rye

1964, Jul 21 Polish People's Republic 20th b issue (10 stamps)
X 60g dkviobl & gray Atom symbol & book
X 60g blk & brtbl Stylised factory gear
X 60g blk & emer Stylised tractor & wheat ear
X 60g org & red Maskbrushcutting
X 60g blgrn & ultra Shipyard Gdansk
X 60g brtpnk & vio Lenin Metal Work Nowa Huta
X 60g gray & graybrn Cement factoryChelm
X 60g multi Power station Turoszow
X 60g cl & sal Oil refinery Plock
X 60g lem & sep Sulphur mine Tarnobrzeg

1964, Aug 1 Warsaw Uprising 20th issue
X 60g multi

1964, Aug 17 Olympics 1964 issue (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Hop skip jump
X 40g multi Rowing single
X 60g multi Weight lifting
X 90g multi Relay race square
X 1z multi Boxing square
X 2.50z multi Soccer square
X 5.60z multi Womens high jump
X 6.50z multi diving
- Poland sheet of 4, 2 types
- Poland empty sheet (#2109)

1964, Sep 7 15th Astronautical Congress issue
X 2.50z vio & blk Warsaw mermaid & stars

1964, Sep 21 Stefan Zeromski 100th issue
X 60g olgray Stefan Zeromski

1964, Sep 21 3rd miners militia congress issue
X 60g multi rifle & hand holding hammer

1964, Sep 28 1st Socialist International 100th issue
X 60g multi

1964, Oct 9
X 60g grn stagecoach by Brodowski
X 60g ltbrn stagecoach by Brodowski

1964, Oct 10 Eleanor Roosevelt memorial issue
X 2.50z blk Eleanor Roosevelt

1964, Nov 6 ww2 struggle issue (5 stamps)
X 40g blvio Proposed manument for defenders of Westerplatte 1939
X 40g sl Virtuti Military Cross
X 60g dkbl Nike proposed monument for the martyrs of Bydgoszcz
X 60g dkblgrn Polish soldiers crossing Oder river
X 60g multi Battle of Studzienki

1964, Nov 21 Voskhod 1 flight issue
X 60g multi
X 60g multi
X 60g multi
- Poland sheet of 3 types

1964, Nov 30 flowers (1964 Poland) (12 stamps)
X 20g vio & multi cyclamen
X 30g multi Freesia
X 40g multi Monique rose
X 50g multi peony
X 60g multi Royal lily
X 90g multi Oriental poppy
X 1.35z multi tulip 'Orange Wonder'
X 1.50z multi narcissus
X 1.55z multi Begonia
X 2.50z multi carnation
X 3.40z multi 12½
X 5.60z multi camellia

1964, Dec 20 Space Research 1964 issue - space (1964 Poland) (7 stamps)
X 20g multi Future interplanetary spacecraft
X 30g multi Launching of Russian rocket
X 40g multi Laika & rocket on launchpad
X 60g multi Lunik 3 photographs far side of the Moon
X 1.55z gray & multi Satellite exploring the ionoshere
X 2.50z multi satellite Elektron 2 exploring radiation belt
X 5.60z multi Mars 1 between Earth & Mars


1964, Dec 20 Space Research 1964 issue - space (1964 Poland) (no perf info)
- 6.50z+2z multi

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