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Stamps of Poland, 1966

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1966, Feb 10 Polish industry nationalization 20th issue unwmk p. 9-14.5 (8 stamps)
X 60g multi
X 60g multi Pit head & miners badge
X 60g multi cargo ship
X 60g multi Chemical Plant Plock
X 60g multi combine
X 60g multi railroad train
X 60g multi Building crane
X 60g multi crane

1966, Mar 5 prehistoric animals (1966) (9 stamps)
X 20g multi Dinichthys
X 30g multi Eusthenopteron
X 40g multi Ichthyostega
X 50g multi Mastodonsaurus (1966) (1966)
X 60g multi Cynognathus
- 2.50z multi Archaeopteryx
- 3.40z multi Brontotherium
- 6.50z multi Machairodus
- 7.10z multi mammoth

1966, Mar 20 Henry Sienkiewicz death 50th issue
X 60g blk, yel Henryk Sienkiewicz

1966, May 6 World Cup Soccer 1966 issue (8 stamps)
X 20g multi
X 40g multi
X 60g multi
X 90g multi
X 1.50z multi
X 3.40z multi
X 6.50z multi
X 7.10z multi

1966, May 9 victory over Fascism 21st issue
X 60g

1966, Jun 18 European Athletic Championships 1966 issue (9 stamps)
X 20g multi Start of mens short distance race
X 40g multi Womens relay race
X 60g multi javelin
X 90g multi Womens 80-meter hurdles
X 1.35z multi discus
X 3.40z multi Finish of mens medium distance race
- 5z multi Long distance race
X 6.50z multi hammer throw
X 7.10z multi high jump
- Poland empty sheet (#2124)

1966, Jul 21 Poland 1000th issue
- 60g multi
X 60g multi
X 2.50z multi
X 2.50z multi
- Poland sheet of 2 types
- Poland sheet of 2 types

1966, Aug 15 harvest festival issue
X 40g multi Flowers & Farm Produce
X 60g multi woman holding loaf of bread
- 3.40z multi Farm girls holding harvest wreath

1966, Sep 1 flowers (1966 Poland) (7 stamps)
X 10g multi chrysanthemum
X 20g multi poinsettia
X 30g multi Centaurea moschata
X 40g multi rose
X 60g multi Zinnia elegans
X 90g multi Nasturtium
X 5.60z multi dahlia
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