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Stamps of Poland, 1967

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1967, Feb 25 Janov Podlaski stud farm 150th issue - horses (1967) unwmk p. 9-14.5 (8 stamps)
X 10g ultra & multi dressage
X 20g org & multi horse race
X 40g ver & multi jump
X 60g multi steeplechase
X 90g grn & multi Trotting
X 5.90z multi Polo
- 6.60z multi Stallion Ofir
- 7z vio & multi Stallion Skowronek

1967, Apr 1 tropical fishes (1967 Poland) (9 stamps)
X 5g multi Striped butterflyfish
X 10g multi imperial angelfish
X 40g multi Chaetodon fasciatus
X 60g multi Spotted triggerfish
- 90g multi Balistapus undulatus
X 1.50z multi Striped triggerfish
X 4.50z multi Black-eye butterflyfish
- 6.60z multi Blue angelfish
- 7z multi saddleback butterflyfish

1967, Apr 10 ww2 memorials 1967 issue (8 stamps)
X 40g brnol Memorial of Auschwitz
X 40g dkvio Memorials for the sacrifices of World War II
X 40g blk Oswiecim Monowice
X 40g grn Monument in Wałcz
X 40g olblk Monument in Wałcz
X 40g ultra Monument in Stutthof
X 40g brn Lambinowice-Jencom
X 40g pur Zagan

1967, May 5 20th Peace Race issue
X 60g multi bicyclists

1967, May 24 Olympics 1968 in 1967 issue (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Mens 100-meter race
X 40g multi Steep chase
X 60g multi Womens relay race
X 90g multi weight lifter
X 1.35z multi hurdler
X 3.40z multi gymnast on vaulting horse
- 6.60z multi high jumper clearing bar
- 7z multi boxing
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland empty sheet (#2141)

1967, Jun 2 6th trade union congress issue
X 60g multi Badge of Socialist Working Brigade
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1967, Jun 14 medicinal plants (1967 Poland) (6 stamps)
X 40g multi mountain arnica
X 60g multi columbine
X 3.40z multi gentian
X 4.50z multi Lycopodium clavatum
X 5z multi Iris sibirica
X 10z multi Azalea pontica

1967, Jul 21
X 60g multi Silesian insurgents monument

1967, Aug 1 Marie Curie 100th issue
X 60g dkcar Marie Curie
X 60g dkvio Curie statute Warsaw
X 60g dkbrn Nobel Prize diploma

1967, Aug 1 world federation of deaf congress issue
X 60g

1967, Sep 5 flowers (1967 Poland) (9 stamps)
X 20g multi Flowers of the Meadows
X 40g multi poppy
X 60g multi morning glory
X 90g multi pansy
X 1.15z multi Tanacetum
X 2.50z multi Corn cockle
X 3.40z multi Wild aster
X 4.50z multi Common pimpernel
X 7.90z multi chicory

1967, Oct 9 Russian revolution 50th issue
X 60g multi Cruiser Aurora
X 60g multi Lenin in library
X 60g multi Earth & Luna 10 & Moon

1967, Oct 9 Stamp Day 1967 issue
X 60g Wilanow palace by Wincenty Kasprzycki

1967, Oct 14 Tadeusz Kosciusko death 150th issue
X 60g dkcarbrn & och Tadeusz Kosciusko
X 2.50z dkblgrn & car Tadeusz Kosciusko

1967, Oct 15 butterflies (1967 Poland) (9 stamps)
X 10g grn & multi Vanessa io
X 20g multi swallowtail Papilio machaon
X 40g multi Vanessa urticae
X 60g multi Mourning Cloak Nymphalis antiopa
X 2z multi Purple Emperor Apatura iris
X 2.50z multi Vanessa atalanta
X 3.40z multi Colias hyale
X 4.50z multi Melanargia galathea
X 7.90z multi Maculinea arion

1967, Nov 15 paintings (1967 Poland) (8 stamps)
X 20g Lady with the Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci
X 40g Polish woman by Antoine Watteau
X 60g Dog fighting Heron by Abraham Hondius
X 2z Guitarist after the hunt by J Babtiste Grauze
X 2.50z Tax Collectors by Marinus van Reymerswaale
X 3.40z Portrait of Daria Fiodorowna by Fyodor Rokotow
- 4.50z Still life with Lobster by Jean de Heem
- 6.60z Landscape by Rembrandt
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1967, Dec 12 Ossolineum 150th issue
X 60g Ossolinski Medal book & rags

1967, Dec 12 Wladyslaw Reymont 100th issue
X 60g Wladyslaw Reymont


1967, May 24 Olympics 1968 in 1967 issue (no perf info)
- 10+5z multi
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland empty sheet (#2141)

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