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Stamps of Poland, 1969

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1969, Feb 2 dogs (1969) unwmk p. 9-14.5 (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Maltese
X 40g multi Rough-haired fox terrier
- 60g multi Afghan Greyhound
X 1.50z multi Schnauzer
X 2.50z multi English Setter
X 3.40z multi Pekinese
- 4.50z multi German shepherd
- 8.50z multi Pointer

1969, Feb 23
X 60g multi eagle on shield house sign

1969, Mar 29
X 60g multi sheaf of wheat

1969, Apr 25 Polish Olympic Committee 50th issue
X 10g org & multi rings&runner
X 20g ultra & multi
X 40g yel & multi weight lifting
X 60g red & multi womens javelin

1969, May 20 tourism (1969 Poland) (8 stamps)
X 40g multi Tourist map of Swietokrzyski National Park
X 60g multi Ruins of 16th cent Castle Niedzica
- 1.35z multi sailboat & Lighthouse Kolobrzeg
X 1.50z multi Castle of the Dukes of Pomerania Szczecin
- 2.50z multi View of Torun & Vistula
X 3.40z multi View of Klodzko
- 4z multi View of Sulejow
- 4.50z multi Market Place Kazimierz Dolny

1969, Jun 21 Leonid Teliga voyage issue
X 60g multi world map & Sailboat Opty

1969, Jun 26 Copernicus (1969)
X 40g multi Woodcut by Tobias Stimer
X 60g multi Copernicus by Jeremias Falck
X 2.50z multi Copernicus painting by Jan Matejko

1969, Jul 19 5th National Alert Polish Pathfinders Union issue
X 60g multi Memory Pathfinders Cross & Protecrorsbadge
X 60g multi Defense military & Polish Scouts Union Cross
X 60g blk & car Labor map of Poland & Pathfinders Cross

1969, Jul 21 Polish People's Republic 25th issue (9 stamps)
X 60g multi frontier guard & Embossed arms of Poland
X 60g multi Oil refinery-chemical plant Plock
X 60g multi Combine Harvester
X 60g multi Rebuilt Grant Theater Warsaw
X 60g multi Marie Sklodowska-Curie monument & University Lublin
X 60g multi coal miner
X 60g multi Chemical industry worker
X 60g multi steelworker
X 60g multi Ship builder & ship

1969, Aug 21 moon landing issue
- 2.50z multi Lunar Module on Moon & Earth & astronaut
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1969, Sep 4 Polish paintings (1969) (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Motherhood by Wyspianski
X 40g multi Hamlet by Jacek Malczewski
X 60g multi Indian summer by Jozef Chelmonski
X 2z multi Two girls by Olga Poznanska
X 2.50z multi The sun of May by Jozef Mehoffer
- 3.40z multi Woman Combing her hair by Wladyslaw Slewinski
- 5.50z multi Still life by Jozef Pankiewicz
- 7z multi The abduction of the Kings Daughter by Witold Wojtkiewicz
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1969, Sep 19 ZBOWID 4th Congress issue
X 60g multi

1969, Sep 20
X 40g blk & brtpur Majdanek memorial

1969, Sep 30 regional costumes (1969) (8 stamps)
X 40g multi Krczonow
X 60g multi
X 1.15z multi Rozbark Katowice
X 1.35z multi Lower Silesia Wroclaw
X 1.50z multi Opoczno Lodz
X 4.50z multi Nowy Sacz Cracow
- 5z multi Highlanders Cracow
- 7z multi Kurpiow Warsaw

1969, Oct 4 traffic safety (1969)
X 40g multi walk at left
X 60g multi Drive carefully
- 2.50z multi Lower your lights

1969, Oct 20 ILO 50th issue
X 2.50z dkbl & olbis ILO emblem & Welders mask

1969, Nov 12 Behems Codex miniatures (8 stamps)
X 40g multi bell foundry
X 60g multi painters studio
X 1.35z multi Wood carvers
- 1.55z multi shoemaker
X 2.50z multi Cooper
- 3.40z multi bakery
- 4.50z multi tailor
- 7z multi Bowyers shop

1969, Dec 19 folk sculptures (1969) (6 stamps)
X 20g palebl & multi angel
X 40g lil & multi sorrowful Christ head
X 60g multi sorrowful Christ seated
X 2z multi crying woman
X 2.50z multi Adam & Eve
X 3.40z multi Woman with birds

1969, Dec 30 Polish writers (1969) (7 stamps)
X 40g multi Leopold Staff
X 60g multi Wladyslaw Broniewski
X 1.35z blk & viobl Leon Kruczkowski
X 1.50z multi Julian Tuwim
- 1.55z multi Konstanty I. Galczynski
X 2.50z multi Maria Dabrowska
X 3.40z multi Zofia Nalkowska


1969, Apr 25 50th Anniv. Of Polish Olympic Committee issue p. 11.5x11
X 2.50+0.50z multi Womens discus
X 3.40+1z multi running
X 4+1.50z multi boxing
X 7+2z multi fencing

1969, Dec 19 Folk Art issue - folk art (1969)
X 5.50+1.50z multi choir
X 7+1.50z multi Organ grinder

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