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Stamps of Poland, 1970

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1970, Jan 17 Warsaw liberation 25th issue unwmk p. 9-14.5
X 60g multi

1970, Jan 20 Polish printers trade union 100th issue
X 60g multi Medieval Print Shop & Modern Color Proofs

1970, Feb 28 game birds (1970) (8 stamps)
X 40g multi Mallard drake
X 60g multi Ringnecked pheasant
- 1.15z multi Scolopax rusticola
X 1.35z multi Philomachus pugnax
- 1.50z multi Columba palumbus
X 3.40z multi Tetrao tetrix
- 7z multi Perdix perdix
- 8.50z multi Tetrao urogallus

1970, Apr 22 Lenin 100th issue
X 40g olbrn & brncar Lenin in his Kremlin study oct1918
X 60g multi Lenin addressing 3rd Internacional Congress in Leningrad
- 2.50z blkvio & red Lenin with delegates to 10th Russian Communist Party Congres
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1970, May 9 tourism (1970 Poland) (5 stamps)
X 60g multi Townhall Wroclaw
X 60g multi Cathedral Piast Castle tower & church towers Opole
X 60g multi Castle Legnica
X 60g multi Castle Tower Bolkow
X 60g multi Brzeg Town Hall

1970, May 9 victory 25th issue
X 60g multi Polish & Russian Soldiers before Brandenburg Gate
X 60g multi Flower Eagle & Arms of 7 Cities

1970, May 15 Polish peasant movement 75th issue
X 60g multi Peasant Movement Flag

1970, May 20
X 2.50z grnbl & bl UPU HQ

1970, May 30 European Soccer Cup finals issue
X 60g multi

1970, Jun 3 Plock Scientific Society 150th issue
X 60g blk & bis & red hand holding lamp

1970, Jun 16 10th session Olympic Academy issue
X 60g multi Cross-country race
X 60g multi Runners from ancient Greek vase
X 60g multi Archer drawing by W Skoczylas
- Poland empty sheet (#2172)

1970, Jun 26 Copernicus (1970)
X 40g multi By Bacciarelli & View of Bologna
X 60g multi By WLesseur & view of Padua
X 2.50z multi By Zinck Nora & view of Ferrara

1970, Aug 27 miniatures (1970) (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Selfportrait of Aleksander Orlowski
X 40g multi Self-portrait by Jan Matejko
X 60g multi Stefan Batory
X 2z multi Maria Leszczynska
X 2.50z multi Maria Walewska1789-1817 by Marie-Victoire Jacquotot
X 3.40z multi Tadeusz Kosciuszko (by Jan Rustem)
- 5.50z multi Samuel Bogumil Linde (by G. Landolfi)
X 7z multi Michal Kleofas Oginski (by Nanette Windi…
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1970, Sep 8 8th Chopin competition issue
- 2.50z multi poster

1970, Sep 8 UN 25th issue
X 2.50z multi UN emblem in eye

1970, Sep 15 census 1970 issue
X 60g multi
X 60g multi

1970, Sep 25 Polish Navy in WWII issue
X 40g sep Piorun
X 60g blk Orzel
- 2.50z multi Garland

1970, Oct 9 paintings (1970 Poland) (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Cellist by Jerzy Nowosielski
X 40g multi View of Lodz by Benon Liberski
X 60g multi Studio Concert by Waclaw Taranczewski
X 1.50z multi Still Life by Zbigniew Pronaszko
X 2z multi Woman handing up laundry by Andrzej Wroblewski
X 3.40z multi Expressions by Maria Jarema
X 4z multi Canal in the Forest by Piotr Potworowski
X 8.50z multi The Sun by Wladyslaw Strzeminski

1970, Nov 20 Luna 16 mission issue
X 2.50z multi Luna 16 landing on Moon
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1970, Dec 23 Wawel Castle tapestries (8 stamps)
X 60g multi stag, p. 9-14.5
X 1.15z multi Stork, p. 9-14.5
X 1.35z multi leopard Fighting dragon, p. 9-14.5
X 2z multi Mans head, p. 9-14.5
X 2.50z multi Child holding bird, p. 9-14.5
X 4z multi GodAdam & Eve, p. 9-14.5
X 4.50z multi Panel with monogram of King Sigismund Augustus, p. 9-14.5
- 5.50z multi


1970, Jun 16 10th session Olympic Academy issue
- 10+5z multi
- Poland empty sheet (#2172)

1970, Dec 23 Wawel Castle tapestries
- 7+3z multi

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