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Stamps of Poland, 1973

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1973, Feb 18 Copernicus portraits unwmk p. 9-14.5 (5 stamps)
X 1z multi by M Bacciarelli
X 1.50z multi painted in Torun 16th century
X 2.70z multi by Zinck Nor
X 4z multi from Strasbourg clock
X 4.90z multi by Jan Matejko

1973, Mar 28 Polish art (8 stamps)
X 50g multi Piast Coronation Sword 12th century
X 1z multi Kruzlowa Madonna 1410
X 1z multi Hussars armor 16th century
X 1.50z multi Cock sign of Rifle Fraternity 16th century
X 1.50z multi Wawel head wood 16th century
X 2.70z multi Cover of Qween Anna Jagielonkas prayer book 1582
X 4.90z multi Skarbimierz madonna 1340
X 8.50z multi The Nobleman Teczynski portrait unknown artist 17th centur

1973, Apr 28
X 1z multi Lenin monument,Nowa Huta

1973, May 5 postal code introduction issue
X 1.50z multi envelope showing Postal Code

1973, May 21 Polish Hunting Association 50th issue (8 stamps)
X 50g multi wolf
X 1z multi mouflon
X 1.50z multi moose
X 2.70z multi capercaillie
X 3z multi Capreolus capreolus
X 4.50z multi lynx
X 4.90z multi Cervus elaphus
X 5z multi wild boar

1973, Jun 20 space-based observatories issue
X 4.90z multi US Copernicus
X 4.90z multi Salyut
- Poland sheet of 1 type
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1973, Jun 26 2nd Polish Science Congress issue
X 1.50z multi Flame rising from book

1973, Jun 30 POLSKA 73 issue
X 1z multi Arms of Poznan on 14th entury seal
X 1.50z multi Tombstone of Nicloas Tomicki 1524
X 2.70z multi Kalisz paten 12th centuary
X 4z multi Lion knocker from bronze gate Gniezno 12th century

1973, Aug 8
X 1.50z red & blk Marceli Nowotko

1973, Aug 30 environmental protection (8 stamps)
X 50g multi Orchard
X 90g multi Grazing cows
X 1z multi Storks nest
X 1.50z multi Pond with fish & water lilies
X 2.70z multi Flowers on meadow
X 4.90z multi Underwater fauna & flora
X 5z multi Forest scene
X 6.50z multi Still Life

1973, Sep 2
X 1.50z sil & multi motorcyclist

1973, Oct 12 Polish People's Army 30th issue
X 1z multi a.tank
X 1z multi MiG-21
X 1.50z multi missile
X 1.50z multi d.ship

1973, Oct 13 National Education Commission 200th issue
X 1z yel & viobrn Grzegorz Piramowicz
X 1.50z grngray & blkol J. Sniadecki, H. Kollataj, J.U. Niemcewicz

1973, Nov 20 Polish scientists (1973) (8 stamps)
X 1z multi Henryk Arctowski & penguins
X 1z multi Pawel Edmund Strzelecki & kangaroo
X 1.50z multi Benedykt Tadeusz Dybowski & Lake Baikal
X 1.50z multi Stefan Rogozinski sailing ship Lucja-Malgorzata
X 2z multi Bronislaw Malinowski Trobriand Island drummers
X 2.70z multi Stefan Drzewiecki & submarine
X 3z multi Edward Adolf Strasburger & plants
X 8z multi Ignacy Domeyko geological strata

1973, Dec 15 Polish United Workers Party 25th issue
X 1.50z multi Polish flag

1973, Dec 28 Polish automotive vehicles (6 stamps)
X 50g multi Jelcz-Berliet Bus
X 90g multi Jelcz 316
X 1z multi Polski Fiat 126p
X 1.50z multi Polski Fiat 125p
X 4z multi Nysa M-521
X 4.50z multi Star truck


1973, Jun 30 POLSKA 73 issue (no perf info)
- 10+5z olbrn & dkpur
- 10+5z grayvio & dkpur

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