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Stamps of Poland, 1975

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1975 Stamp Day 1975 issue - sculptures by Dunikowski unwmk p. 11.5x11.25
X 50g sil & multi Dunikowski selfportrait
X 1.00z sil & multi Breath
X 1.50z sil & multi maternity

1975, Jan 17 Warsaw liberation 30th issue p. 11
X 1.50z multi Nike monument & Warsaw Opera House

1975, Jan 23 falcons (1975) p. 11.5x11.75 (8 stamps)
X 1z multi lesser kestrel male
X 1z multi lesser kestrel female
X 1.50z multi red-footed falcon male
X 1.50z multi red-footed falcon female
X 2z multi Hobby falcon
X 3z multi kestrel
X 4z multi Falco columbarius
X 8z multi peregrine falcon

1975, Jan 27 Auschwitz liberation 30th issue p. 11.5x11
X 1.50z red & blk barbed wire broken

1975, Mar 8 6th European Indoor Athletics Championships issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1z multi Womens hurdle race
X 1.50z multi pole vault
X 4z multi Hop step & jump
X 4.90z multi sprinting

1975, Apr 15 ARPHILA 75 issue
X 1.50z multi St Anne, by Veit Stoss

1975, Apr 15 amateur radio conference issue p. 11.25
X 1.50z multi Amateur Radio Union emblem

1975, Apr 30 Polish Mountain Guides 100th issue - mountains (1975) (6 stamps)
X 1z multi Pinebadge & Tatra Mountains, p. 11.25x11
X 1z multi gentian & Tatra Mountains, p. 11.25x11
X 1.50z multi Mountain Guides Badge & Sudetic Mountains, p. 11x11.25
X 1.50z multi Yew branch with berries & Sudetic Mountains, p. 11x11.25
X 4z multi River Beskids Mountains & badge, p. 11.25x11
X 4z multi arnica & Beskids Mountains, p. 11.25x11

1975, May 9 WWII victory 30th issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z Hands holding tulips & rifle

1975, May 14 Warsaw Pact 20th issue
X 1.50z multi Warsaw Treaty flags

1975, Jun 23 20th Congress, European Zootechnical Federation issue - domestic animals (1975) p. 11.75x11.5 (8 stamps)
X 50g multi cock & hen
X 1z multi geese
X 1.50z multi cattle
X 2z multi cow
X 3z multi Arabian stallion
X 4z multi Wielkopolska horses
X 4.50z multi pigs
X 5z multi sheep

1975, Jul 12 p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z National Health Fund emblem

1975, Jul 15 Apollo-Soyuz issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi Apollo-Soyuz Linked in Space
X 4.90z multi Apollo
X 4.90z multi Soyuz
- Poland sheet of 6, 3 types

1975, Jul 25 UN 30th issue p. 11.75x11.5
X 4z bl & multi UN emblem in sunburst

1975, Jul 30 security & cooperation conference issue
X 4z

1975, Aug 30 children's television cartoon characters p. 11.25x11.5
X 50g multi Bolek & Lolek
X 1z multi Jacek & Agatka
X 1.50z multi Reksio the dog
X 4z multi Telesfor the dragon

1975, Sep 1 International Institute of Statistics meeting issue p. 11.5x11
X 1.50z multi circular bar graph & emblem

1975, Sep 8 International Women's Year issue p. 11
X 1.50z multi IWY emblem & women of three races

1975, Sep 24 American Revolution 200th issue (8 stamps)
X 1z multi First Poles Arriving on Mary & Margret 1608, p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi Polish glass blower & glass works Jamestone 1608, p. 11.25x11.5
X 2.70z multi Helena Modrzejewska & scene, p. 11.25x11.5
X 4z multi Casimir Pulawski, p. 11.25x11.5
- 4.90z multi George Washington, p. 12x12.25
- 4.90z multi Tadeusz Kosciuszko, p. 12x12.25
- 4.90z multi Casmir Pulawski, p. 12x12.25
X 6.40z multi Tadeusz Kosciuszko, p. 11.25x11.5
- Poland sheet of 3 types

1975, Sep 25 Polish airmail stamps 50th issue
X 2.40z multi Albatross Biplane 1918-1925
X 4.90z multi aft part of Il-62

1975, Oct 7 p. 11.75x11.5
X 1.50z Frederic Chopin 1975

1975, Nov 11 Architectural Heritage Year issue p. 14
X 1z olgrn Town Hall Zamosc
X 1.50z rosebrn Arcades Kazimierz Dolny

1975, Nov 22 Lodz 1975 issue p. 12.75x12.5
X 4.50z multi Lodz by Strzeminski
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1975, Nov 29 Piast dynasty in Silesia issue p. 11.25x11.75
X 1z grn Piast Family Eagle
X 1.50z brn Seal of Prince Boleslaw of Legnica
X 4z dlvio Coin of Prince Jerzy Wilhelm1660-1675

1975, Dec 8 7th PZPR Congress issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1z
X 1.50z


1975 Stamp Day 1975 issue - sculptures by Dunikowski (no perf info)
- 8.00z+4.00z multi

1975 Olympics 1976 in 1975 issue
- 10+5z multi

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