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Stamps of Poland, 1977

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1977 unwmk p. 11
X 1.50z multi ball on the road

1977 Rubens 400th issue - paintings by Rubens (1977 Poland) p. 11.25
X 1z multi Venus, by Rubens
X 1.50z multi Bathsheba
X 5z multi Helene Fourment
- 6z multi self-portrait

1977, Jan 24 Polish Red Cross issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z multi nurse helping elderly woman

1977, Feb 26 p. 11.25
X 1.50z multi Civilian Defense Medal

1977, Mar 17 forest fruits & nuts p. 11.5x11.75 (8 stamps)
X 50g multi dewberry
X 90g multi cranberry
X 1z multi wild strawberry
X 1.50z multi bilberry
X 2z multi raspberry
X 4.50z multi blueberry
X 6z multi dog rose
X 6.90z multi hazelnut

1977, Apr 4 USSR-Poland technical cooperation 30th issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z multi Flags of USSR & Poland as Computer Tape

1977, Apr 22 7th Polish Engineers Congress issue (no perf info)
X 1.50z multi abstract curves & congress emblem

1977, May 6 peace congress 1977 issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi peace dove 1977

1977, May 6 30th Peace Race issue p. 11x11.25
X 1.50z gray & multi bicyclist

1977, May 6 AMPHILEX '77 issue p. 11.5x11.25
- 6z multi Violinist, by Toorenvliet

1977, May 12 wildlife (1977 Poland)
X 1z sil & multi wolf
X 1.50z sil & multi great bustard
X 1.50z sil & multi kestrel
X 6z sil & multi otter

1977, Jun 13 folk customs (6 stamps)
X 90g multi midsummer bonfire, p. 11.25x11.5
X 1z multi Easter cock, p. 11.5x11.25
- 1.50z multi Dousing the women on Easter Monday, p. 11.5x11.25
- 3z multi Harvest Festival, p. 11.5x11.25
- 6z multi Christmas procession with creche, p. 11.5x11.25
- 8.40z multi Wedding dance, p. 11.25x11.5

1977, Jun 30 Wieniawski music festivals issue (no perf info)
X 1.50z multi Henryk Wieniawski & music symbol

1977, Aug 22 butterflies (1977 Poland) p. 11 (6 stamps)
X 1z multi Parnassius apollo
X 1z multi Nymphalis polychloros
X 1.50z multi Nymphalis antiopa
X 1.50z multi Papilio machaon
X 5z multi Fabriciana adippe
X 6.90z multi Argynnis paphia

1977, Sep 3 Slupsk Piano Festival issue p. 11.75x11.5
X 1.50z multi arms of Slupsk & piano keyboard

1977, Sep 10 Dzerzhinski 100th issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z olbis & sep Feliks Dzerzhinski

1977, Oct 1 Russian Revolution 60th issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z ultra & car Earth & Sputnik
- Poland sheet of 1 type

1977, Oct 9 Stamp Day 1977 issue - silver coins (1977) p. 11.5x11.25 (6 stamps)
X 50g sil & multi denarius of Boleslaw Chrobry
X 1z sil & multi King Kazimierz Wielkis Cracow grosz 14th century
X 1.50z sil & multi Legniza-Brzeg-Wolow thaler 17th century
X 4.20z sil & multi King Augustus III guilder Gdansk 18th century
X 4.50z sil & multi 5 Zloty ship 1936
X 6z sil & multi 100zlotych Polands millenium 1966

1977, Nov 21 notable buildings (1977) (6 stamps)
X 1z multi Wolin Gate, p. 11.5x11.25
X 1z multi Church Debno, p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z multi Monastery Przasnysz, p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi Cathedral Plock, p. 11.25x11.5
- 6z multi Castle Kornik, p. 11.25x11.5
- 6.90z multi Palace & Garden Wilanow, p. 11.5x11.25

1977, Dec 28 Space Age 20th issue p. 11.25x11.5
- 6.90z multi Vostok & Mercury spacecraft
- Poland sheet of 1 type


1976 1976 air issue (no perf info)
X 20Zł blkol


1977 Rubens 400th issue - paintings by Rubens (1977 Poland)
- 8+4z lilbrn

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